Pears With Blue Cheese, Walnuts and Bacon Recipe

Serves 4


2 firm ripe pears halved and poached in stock syrup 

Blue whinnow cheese, sliced (please check spellingof supplier

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100g Smoked bacon pardons about 3 cm long

Sprinkle of cumin seeds

Bay leaves

4 sprigs of Thyme

2 cloves garlic sliced

Handful of shelled walnuts

2 little Gem lettuce leaves

balsamic vinegar glaze

Swirl of cream ( from Mawsons of Groundbaileys) is this the correct names

1 tbsp snipped chives



1.Poach pears until soft and slice in half

2.Slice the bacon into lardons, place in a hot pan and sauté with cumin and bay leaves

3 Add sprigs of thyme, sliced garlic and a dash of balsamic and walnuts

4.Add a dash of balsamic vinegar . Add cheese into pan to melt slightly

To serve

Place the pear on to a plate with the gem lettuce, spoon over the bacon mixture and walnuts, garnish with swirl of cream and chives.


Jean-Christophe’s Tips

Always slice the cheese to glaze

You can use chicory leaves instead of lettuce.

Dry fry the bacon or lardens.

Drain excess oil from bacon into a bowl and discard when cold in a bin.

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