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Head into your High Street

Reviving Fashion – How you can help your local fashion industry

How you can help your local fashion outlets.   Covid-19 affects us all and it’s hardly surprising the global fashion industry also came to a grinding halt. But Alexandra Boardman, who runs Alexandra’s of Keswick, believes change is inevitable, positives can come from global trauma and as the world starts to wake up, your local retailer […]

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London, New York, Shanghai… and Carlisle

Steed Bespoke Tailors have built a reputation as one of Savile Row’s finest since the company was formed in 1995.   Steed was founded in Carlisle by Master Cutter, Edwin Deboise, who has nearly fifty years in the industry and has fitted outfits for fashion icons such as Franco Moschino, Nicola Bulgari and Manolo Blahnik. In […]

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Dressing for your shape

Dressing for your shape By Alexandra Boardman We are all different shapes and sizes and often it is frustrating to see one body shape in the glossy magazines showing the new season trends. At Alexandra’s of Keswick, we believe you look your best in styles that suit your body shape and would like to share […]

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Spotlight on Sustainable Fabrics

Written by Alexandra Boardman For many people, the beginning of a new year is synonymous with a fresh start, normally in the form of New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time when people take stock and think about what’s important.  Many decide to make changes and some of the most popular resolutions include exercising, healthy eating […]

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Award-winning Enchanted is back

Photo by Gavin Jacob Power Cumbria’s largest Wedding and Prom event is now a double award-winner after Enchanted scooped the ‘Best Local Wedding Exhibition of the Year’ at the English Wedding Awards in Manchester for the second time in as many years. Enchanted claimed top honours in November after beating off stiff competition for the […]

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Vintage Make-Up with Bridget Foster

Vintage Make-Up with Bridget Foster.  The Vintage look has an elegance all of its own and our resident makeup artist, Bridget Foster, explains what you’ll need to achieve this timeless technique at home. I was booked to create the hair and makeup look for a new fashion company, Roses Wardrobe, which is based in the […]

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Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Alexandra Boardman from Alexandra’s of Keswick gives her take on the four key colour trends for the upcoming winter season. There is an optimistic mood in my shop which we think has been inspired by the energised bright colours of the season. Every year each brand launches their ‘new colours’ but what is an essential […]

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Alexandra delivers The Benefits of Slow Fashion

Alexandra Boardman from Alexandra’s of Keswick highlights a growing movement we desperately need to support. The issue of climate change has been ongoing for years but it’s really come to the fore recently and is very much a topic for concern.  The media is now full of news reporting our impact on the world.    […]

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Radge Gadgie – Not as crazy as it sounds

Kath Paterson has recently launched her own clothing brand ‘Radge Gadgie’.   Locals will understand the offbeat Cumbrian term as meaning a crazy person. “It was back in February that I got the idea,” said Kath.  “We have so many expressions in Cumbria that are unique and I thought there as a niche in the […]

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Back to the Brights

Keswick School student, Erin Wallace, offers us a younger perspective on this seasons fashions with her top tips.  Now the days are lengthening and the sun has decided to show its face again, it’s time to cast aside those dark party outfits and bring back the bright colours from the wardrobe to match the season. […]

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