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The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley explains what you can expect if you’ve never used a financial advisor before

The L explains what you can expect if you’ve never used a financial advisor before. A lot of people are reluctant to use a financial advisor because they simply don’t know what to expect. Here’s the lowdown on the service you will receive from The IFA Company: A free initial meeting – we don’t charge […]

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The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley discusses why using a local financial advisor is beneficial

The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley discusses the reasons why using a local financial advisor is beneficial. At this time of year, we often see adverts encouraging us to use our small, local businesses as much as possible. Of course, this is beneficial to the business owners who compete against larger companies for your trade, but […]

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Looking at a new decade in a new light

Written by Jasper Baker  It’s a brand new year! And with it comes a renewed sense of motivation – a chance to refocus, recharge and make changes for the better.  Another New Year’s Eve means another list of resolutions, but let’s be honest, are we going to stick to them? Whether you’re getting fit or […]

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Champagne Beauty. A new progression for beautician Jodie Carter

Champagne Beauty is an exciting new progression for beautician Jodie Carter. She worked as a mobile beautician for 3 and a half years but has recently taken the plunge and opened her own salon above the Westminster Cafe on Queen Street in Whitehaven. “I trained in beauty at college,” explained 27-year-old Jodie.  “I loved it […]

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Braniff & Davidson – Looking to 2020 with 20/20 vision

Braniff & Davidson Independent Opticians have recently celebrated their 18th birthday with new equipment and a brand new extension. At the helm of the Workington based store is Optometrist, Joanne Braniff and Contact Lens Practitioner Howard Davidson and the family-run practice employs a close-knit workforce of eight staff that has looked after the vision needs […]

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The IFA Company’s quickfire guide to investing in a HTB ISAs

There’s a lot of information flying around social media at the moment on the upcoming deadline for investing in a Help To Buy ISA. After 30th November 2019, no new HTB ISAs will be available, although it will still be possible to invest in existing accounts. Here’s our quickfire guide to investing in a HTB […]

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Vintage Make-Up with Bridget Foster

Vintage Make-Up with Bridget Foster.  The Vintage look has an elegance all of its own and our resident makeup artist, Bridget Foster, explains what you’ll need to achieve this timeless technique at home. I was booked to create the hair and makeup look for a new fashion company, Roses Wardrobe, which is based in the […]

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Win a Quad with Carrs-Billington

Win a Quad with Carrs-Billington Carrs Billington is the biggest name in the area when it comes to agricultural products like farm machinery and fertilizers.    They’ve been there for our farmers over the years and they’re always looking at ways to make life on the land a little bit easier, which is why their […]

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Alexandra delivers The Benefits of Slow Fashion

Alexandra Boardman from Alexandra’s of Keswick highlights a growing movement we desperately need to support. The issue of climate change has been ongoing for years but it’s really come to the fore recently and is very much a topic for concern.  The media is now full of news reporting our impact on the world.    […]

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Dancers Assemblé as Rachel Gordon brings Ballet to Carlisle

Rachel Gordon has spent much of her life teaching, starting back when her mother opened Border Ballet over thirty years ago. She will follow in her mother’s footsteps when she launches Cumbria Ballet School this September. “I’m a specialist ballet teacher as well as a primary and pre-school teacher,” said Rachel.  “I have over 20 […]

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