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Here to help manage but also enjoy life

Age UK West Cumbria offers a range of independent living services to help you manage and continue to enjoy life as you grow older. Their services are flexible and can be tailored to individual needs. They supply daily living and mobility aids for use around the home and when you are out. You can view […]

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Fostering – A gift that can last forever

Have you ever considered fostering? It is often thought of as being exclusive to a slightly older generation, the truth in fact is that young families can seriously benefit from fostering a child.   We spoke to Terri Johnston, she and her husband Frank first started fostering when she was 33 and he was 36 they […]

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Local artist is hoping for a bright future

The dream of any artist is to make a living from their art and Scotby born artist Carl Fitton is no exception.  It’s not as simple as giving up a your job and working for yourself. When you have a young family it’s not possible to sacrifice a full time wage and that meant Carl […]

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There will be no White Christmas for some Cumbrians

It’s getting cold and dark here but in Australia it’s the opposite, the days are getting warmer and summer is on it’s way. What do folk do on Christmas day when it’s over 30 degrees?  A roast seems excessive so we decided to check in with a few Cumbrians who’ve made the move and will […]

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How travel can inspire a change of direction

Alex Cook brings ideas from his time on the road into Vanquish, a new clothing range with Earth friendly ideals that branch from tribal roots.   There’s no such thing as an ordinary life, everyone has their own defining moments, extreme situations and special times.  Egremont born Alex has had his fair share of them […]

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Cumbria’s woodlands are here for all of us to enjoy

The Forestry Commission is set to celebrate its centenary.  Founded in 1919 the role of the commission was to increase the woodlands in Britain by purchasing large tracts of land for wood production.  They set about the task of afforestation, simply put, that’s planting fresh trees on land that was never previously woods. Or reforestation, […]

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Wine, Dine & Recline at The Underscar Spa, Bar & Bistro

Underscar Spa and Bistro is the ultimate destination for those who want to dine and unwind… Sitting in a sheltered spot on the Southern slopes of Skiddaw, looking out over Derwentwater to the fells beyond, Underscar Bar and Bistro may be located just outside of Keswick, but it feels as though it could be a million miles away.   […]

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Living the Dream with Reiver Homes

A new development near Carlisle offers buyers the opportunity to find the forever home of their dreams. Picture this. It’s a warm summer’s evening, the barbecue sizzles on the patio while old friends catch up and children race each other down the long stretch of lawn. Through the Bi-fold doors drinks are being poured and […]

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Eycott Hill Nature Reserve

Wild about Cumbria: Meadows buzzing with life

Jody Ferguson from Cumbria Wildlife Trust explores some of the many species waiting to be discovered in the region’s meadows. Flower-rich meadows are a treat for the senses, full of colour, texture, and evocative scents. They’re brilliant for wildlife too, providing food for pollinating insects like bees and butterflies, a haven for mammals that nest, […]

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Home Lettings Cumbria

There’s No Place Like Home

Home is where the heart is, which is why Home Lettings Cumbria Ltd. specialise in residential lettings of all shapes and sizes, in locations throughout Carlisle and the surrounding areas.  Originally part of established Carlisle Estate Agent company, Homesearch, about a year ago, under the direction of Barbara Barker – who had been with the […]

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