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Keep Your Pets Active This Winter

Keep Your Pets Active This Winter Oak Tree Animals’ Charity has some great ways to help you and your dog through the winter months. Adverse winter weather can prevent owners from providing their dog with their usual level of exercise and mental stimulation – but fear not, Oak Tree is on hand with some tips […]

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Why Consider Perfecting Your Den Building Skills for the Festive Season?

Most of us remember building dens as kids, but as Laura Brockbank of Staveley Dogs knows, in the run up to party season and yet more fireworks, a well-built indoor den can provide a much-needed haven for fractious dogs.  Laura’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Den for Your Dog A good den needs to be […]

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Christmas Food Warning for Pets

Christmas Food Warning for Pets. At Christmas, our houses are full of rich food and drink to celebrate but many can be highly toxic to our pets and it’s worth bearing this in mind.  There’s a few everyone knows about but there are a few festive surprises in too.  Read on and save yourself a […]

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Christmas Food Warning for your pets

At Christmas our houses are full of rich food and drink to celebrate the festive period, many can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. We all know that chocolate is bad for dogs but there are other dangerous foods it’s worth being aware of.  Here are a few of the worst offenders (please note […]

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Our handy guide for fireworks and your pet

With up to 50% of dogs affected by the fear of fireworks the upcoming months are not pleasant for pets or their owners. We offer a few tips that may help alleviate the stress of the upcoming fireworks period. Firstly we start with a plea to anyone planning a fireworks display, we’re not saying don’t […]

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An unexpected Foster Mum

When six, week old kittens, were brought in to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity by builders who were working on a demolition site and who found them huddled under a demolished building, the Oak Tree team knew they had to act fast. At this young age, the kittens were very vulnerable and there was a high […]

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Fleas are a Year-Round Problem

Pet owners assume the colder weather means they don’t need to worry about fleas.  However, centrally heated homes can be a breeding ground throughout the year and the team at Vets4Pets in Carlisle offer us some advice. Fleas live on animals but can feed off humans too, there are more than 2,200 species. They can […]

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Keep Your Pets Active Healthy and Happy this Winter

Oak Tree Animal With autumn approaching and the evenings drawing in, Oak Tree has some top tips for keeping your dog active, healthy and happy. The lovely evening walks you relish with your dog will soon be put on hold for another few months, but this doesn’t need to spell doom and gloom for you […]

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Fireworks and keeping your pet calm

Joanne Briggs of Warathwaite Luxury Boarding Kennels has years of experience caring for animals.  She offers her tips for keeping your pets safe during the stressful fireworks period.  Check their microchipping details are correct Statistics show there is a rise in the calls to Petlog at this time of year as many animals flee due […]

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Fully Fledges Feacock

Fully Fledged Artist Spreads Her Wings

Fully Fledged Art is one artist’s vision to connect her affinity with birds to spark awareness of the natural world and our environment.     Danielle Cook is the woman behind Fully Fledged Art and her relationship with birds goes back to childhood: “It started when I was a young girl living in Driffield in Yorkshire. […]

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