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Cumbria Industrial History Society Series – It’s a Gas

The industrial revolution shaped our lives in West Cumbria.  Its impact was significant and the Cumbria Industrial History Society reveals how it affected our modern world. In the days before electricity, everything was lit by gas.  Every town had its own gasworks where coal was baked to release crude gas. This went through a series […]

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Carlisle’s Turkish Baths – Moorish, and moreish

Carlisle’s Turkish Baths Eighteenth-century hammams are associated with places in the Islamic world, not exactly what you expect from a modern swimming complex in Carlisle. Even more extraordinary, this beautiful Edwardian suite dedicated to health opened on 20 September 1909 and has not changed since its construction, although the space has recently been repaired and […]

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Great Guided Tours – Our Living History

Great Guided Tours When you live somewhere you tend to start seeing your surroundings as a bit hum-drum. Out shopping or going about your daily business our minds focus on the next task or winding through the crowds as you navigate about town. I’m guilty of it too but I recently had a chance to […]

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Delve into your Past and Discover the Vikings 

Two very different exhibitions will be gracing the Beacon Museum, Whitehaven until 16 June, and are both not to be missed.  Time To Get Up features a range of original sketches and designs from your favourite storybooks, set alongside colourful and engaging interactives for Children. All ages will enjoy this vibrant exhibition, brought in collaboration with […]

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Historic Ale – Cumbria’s Brewing Tradition

The industrial revolution certainly shaped our lives in West Cumbria.  It’s impact was significant and the Cumbria Industrial History Society reveal how these changes affected our modern world. We begin our series with the ancient trade of Brewing. In the early years beer brewing was largely small scale in monasteries, country houses and inns. The […]

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The Little Book of Cumbria – Edward Longshanks

Edward Longshanks The Solway to the west of Carlisle became a regular crossing point for invading armies. Edward I of England was remorseless in his attacks on the Scots, gaining the nickname ‘Hammer of the Scots’ over many years of battle. In 1307 he returned to the north, intent on fording the Solway at the […]

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Carlisle and Wetheral History Tour

In the fourth installment of our guided history tour of Carlisle we get an insight into the well-known and lesser-known landmarks of the great border city.  Carr’s Biscuit Factory  In 1831, Jonathan Dodgson Carr created a small bakery and factory in the town which proved so popular that he received a royal warrant in 1841.  […]

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The Little Book of Cumbria – Keswick

Written by David Ramshaw, Photo courtesy of Richard Beadnall Keswick’s Cheesy origin The name is probably from the old English meaning ‘farm where cheese is made’, the word deriving from cēse (cheese), with a Scandinavian initial ‘k’, and wīc (special place or dwelling). The name first appeared in writing about 1234 relating to the purchase […]

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