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Future proof your finances with the IFA Company

The IFA Company Relentless technological advances mean that we’re constantly upgrading different aspects of our lives. It’s very unlikely that any of us are still using the same that we owned 10 years ago. But how many of us are saving in exactly the same way that we always have? Do we ever look at […]

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Find out how renting with Grisdales can save you money

Grisdales save money  Are you looking to Let Privately or Self Manage?   You should read this advise from our team before you make your final decision.    John chose to privately let his home: After moving in with his partner as the income would cover the mortgage payments, he found the perfect tenants who agreed the […]

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Exceptional service makes all the difference

Grisedales The online agent has become much more prevalent over the last few years but not everyone understands the differences between what this type of agent offers over the traditional high street agent.  At Grisdales, we consider ourselves to be a full service agent and as such offer a completely different service to the online […]

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Landlords need to get energy efficient

Buy to let investors in England and Wales who own particularly cold homes are being targeted by new regulations. Since April this year, landlords who own some of the coldest privately rented homes have been required to improve these properties with energy efficiency measures where support is available to cover the costs. But new measures announced […]

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The IFA Company

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way: Financial Planning With The IFA Company

In the latest in our series of financial advice articles, The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley discusses later life financial planning. The importance of later life financial planning shouldn’t be overlooked. There are some simple ways to ensure that you pass something on to your loved ones: Make a Will Many people think that their spouse […]

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The Importance Of Personal Pension Savings

The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley explains why she thinks personal pension savings are an integral part of financial planning. Thanks to the rules on workplace pensions, most employees are part of an employer’s pension scheme. Membership of these schemes is valuable because the employer’s contribution is a tax-free benefit. However, the minimum contribution to workplace […]

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Brockbanks Solicitors,Experts You Can Bank on

 At various times in your life, events can take place that mean that you need legal help. Brockbanks Solicitors have been providing expert legal advice to the Cumbrian community for over 240 years.   Need to resolve a dispute? Perhaps you need to take employment law advice? You may simply need help and support when buying or selling a […]

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Financial Planning for Millennials: the Benefits of Acting Sooner Rather Than Later

There’s a commonly held belief that financial advice is only for older people – because they’ve accumulated sufficient wealth to make seeking advice a sensible move and they also start to worryabout their income in retirement.   Many people in their 20s and 30s have a very limited interest in financial advice, because they either don’t have surplus income or spend it all – and matters like retirement planning seem like a lifetime away. From personal experience […]

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Money Matters with The IFA Company  

The 6 April sees the start of the new tax year and the availability of new investment allowances. The IFA Company’s Lucy McKinley gives us a quick guide to the allowances that are available to help you to make the most of your money.   ISA allowance: £20,000 for 2018/19  The ISA allowance is probably the most […]

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Happy New Tax Year: Our Guide to HMRC’s Tax Relieved Gifts

ISA (individual savings account) allowance: £20,000 for 2018/19 The ISA allowance is probably the most commonly used form of tax-relieved savings. ISAs can hold cash, investments or a combination of both; they’re advantageous because the income they produce is free of income tax; and when you sell investments held in an ISA, gains are free of […]

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