Winter Droving in Penrith

Winter Droving in Penrith

Winter Droving in Penrith

Each year, Penrith marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the “darker half” of the year with the annual Winter Droving.

To mark the clocks going back and the town’s tradition of droving animals to the final market of the year, masked revellers dress up in their finest, featuring everything from tweed caps and shepherd’s crooks to ancient druids.

Winter Droving in Penrith

The Winter Droving will return to the streets of Penrith on October 28th – in a celebration of light, fire, and rural life. The festival, whose motto is “turn your clocks back 400 years”, is a staple of the autumnal calendar in Cumbria, with its tones of SaMhain, its fire, and its animal effigies and masks.

The Winter Droving epitomises all things Cumbrian: animals, fire, good food, and community spirit.

Each year, Penrith’s streets become something like a mediaeval market with traditional mulled wine and hot chestnuts alongside the finest local produce, including a wide range of world foods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, giftware, local artists showcasing their creations, quirky clothing and charity stalls, and of course, the torchlight procession.

Masked musicians, street performers, giant animal lanterns, and locals dressed in elaborate costumes join the crowds at The Winter Droving for a unique celebration steeped in tradition. The day will be made up of live musicians, street performances, drumming bands, and carnival street shows before the eagerly awaited parade.

Arriving early is advised. This year there is a fantastic programme of singers, bands, musicians, street performers, actors, and dancers. Truly an event not to be missed! 

Don’t forget your mask!

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