Smoked salmon, and poached eggs with a twist


Courtesy of Wild Zucchinis  – Warmed crumpets, smoked salmon, and poached eggs with a twist.


Hallmark Hotel Carlisle

2 warmed crumpets

75 g Smoked Salmon

Dill and lime sauce

Spicy beetroot

1 poached egg

Recipe (Dill Sauce):

1 tbsp Natural Yogurt

1 tbsp Cream Cheese

Zest 1/2 small lime

50g finely chopped cucumber

1 tbsp Finely chopped Dill

Recipe (Spiced beetroot):

1kg grated raw beetroot

Pinch paprika

Touch of Balsamic Glaze



First Make Dill sauce and Spiced beetroot

Poach an egg for 3 minutes by gently sliding it from a ramekin to a saucepan filled with simmering water (not boiling) and 1 tbsp of distilled vinegar

Put your crumpets in a warm oven



Dill Sauce

Smoked Salmon

Poached Egg


Dill Sauce

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