Touching Up The Bride


After a busy summer wedding season, Make-Up Artist Bridget Foster offers some insight for brides-to-be planning their big day this autumn.

As I’m at the age where all my friends seem to be getting married, I’ve been flat out with bridal make-up all season. Organising and preparing everything has been essential to ensure that the mornings run smoothly.

The more experience you have, the more organised you can be for your clients. Being both a guest and the Make-Up Artist can pile a lot of pressure on me for that day, however, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I do wedding make-up every Saturday morning, so for any brides planning their wedding, it’s useful to know what to expect and what to take into consideration on the morning of your big day.

Time of wedding and amount of people getting ready

This needs careful planning. Make up needs around ½ hour per head and hair can be 40 minutes to an hour depending on the hair itself, so booking a separate hair stylist if you have a few bridesmaids will give each person more time to relax or get other things done. We hate an empty chair, as it means time is being wasted and we don’t have any time to spare.

I do get a lot of people asking if I could “just” add this or “just” do that.  It’s all or nothing, as everything needs scheduled in. “Just” will not do.

A schedule can seem a bit overly organised, but it works. Every person knows what time they need to be sat in a chair and the morning flows much better, allowing people a time to eat and to organise themselves. It’s a nightmare turning up to guests who haven’t showered or are not ready to get done.

Find out how the photographer works and schedule them in. Ideally coming to the end of the schedule, as not everybody is comfortable being photographed with no make-up on, in their Primark pyjamas.  This also gives bridesmaids time to sort out their own children if needed, especially if the bride needs some adult time. Just bear in mind it is a busy morning and at times not always safe for children if hot tongs and plugs are visible.


This has been the main issue for me lately; hair and make-up need space, we have a lot of kit and need room to work on our clients. Discuss with your make-up and hair artists what they need and if they are experienced they probably know the venue well and will let you know what they need.

Light is essential for both. We need to be able to see what we are doing. I understand that many clients believe we work miracles but we can’t produce light from a magic wand.

Fragrance, Lipstick and powder

A lipstick that you can reapply throughout the day, such as, after food and drinks is really useful to have in your handbag. Bobbi Brown in Almost Pink has been my most popular product, it gives a sheer, dewy look and is in a natural lip shade that suits the majority.

As a guest a weddings, I have never even been asked to touch up, it’s simply not needed. I have done this for over 10 years, so make-up not lasting is certainly not something I worry about.  Occasionally just a press of powder on the T-Zone is all that’s required during the day’s celebrations.

Photography by Emma Stoszkowski

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