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No wedding is complete without the exchanging of rings; this tradition dates back centuries and is more prominent now than ever before.

Historically it would only be the bride that would take a ring from the groom although modern tradition dictates both parties take a wedding band. The wedding ring has always been placed on the third finger of the left hand; this is because folklore dictates that it is the only finger with a vein that connects to the heart.

For the perfect wedding rings in Carlisle it has to be Jopsons Jewellers. The local family jewellers have been supplying the city’s dearly beloved with these treasured items for over 50 years.

Located in Carlisle’s historic quarter the traditional jeweler stocks award winning wedding bands for all tastes including both yellow and white gold, platinum and palladium rings.

We spoke to Stephen Jopson of Jopsons Jewellers for his tips on picking the perfect ring.

Stephen said: “When choosing your wedding rings this is something you both must try on. This is the item from your big day you will both take away and most likely wear for the rest of your life; so of course you must make the correct decision.”

With so many options now available, plain matching bands are bottom of the list for us, although very much available. Ladies are opting to have diamonds set in the band to complement the engagement ring, where as gents are opting for a patterns or alternative finishes on their bands.”

This is a memento to each other so having the rings engraved is also possible, and a nice touch as a reminder of your big day.”

The jewellery stalwarts offer a bespoke service to customers as most rings are made to order, this means that special requests, engravings and individual sizing can all be catered for.

Stephen added:  “Please remember to leave enough time to have the rings made as most are made to your specification. Also alterations may be required before the wedding day so try them on with enough time to be altered. If you plan on losing weight this can affect the size of your finger so make sure you order rings that can be altered in the future.”

Beautiful and timeless jewellery need not break the bank as customers can also save even more when buying in store as Jopsons offer a 10% discount when two wedding rings are purchased in store.


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