Wedding Trends for 2018


By Danielle Murphy

If you are planning a wedding in 2018, exploring the trends of the year is a good place to start. From the dress to the décor, we’ve compiled some of this year’s upcoming trends to ensure your wedding is a show stopper.

Last year saw the rise of metallic, a favourite being gold and rose gold. 2018 is set to withhold the trend, but with fashions delving back into the 70’s style, it seems silvers and chromes are likely to be popular.  Another colour which has been splashed across the bridal runways is surprisingly black. Black bows, accessories and straps seem to be making a statement in 2018. Expect to see more black than ever before.

Of course, lace will always hold a strong place at the top when it comes to wedding dresses. The elegant look of a lace dress is timeless and beautiful. But another material which is set to be a 2018 favourite is satin, Ailsa Taylor from The Wedding Warehouse in Carlisle said: “I think satin is definitely going to be popular over the next year, which I’m really happy about, its one of my favourite materials to work with.”

And as the 70’s is coming back, it’s all about Boho. Ailsa said: “We are seeing a lot of floaty dresses. Everything comes back around and the 70’s is well and truly coming back in 2018.”

There is no better representation of a bride than that of a veil and it seems two tier veils are also set to make a comeback this year. The veil can really make a dress and it’s also nice to venture back into some traditions, Ailsa said: “The two-tier veil is lovely and its nice to see some traditional items coming back.”

It isn’t all about the bride’s dress, the fashions for bridesmaids are also having a change-up for 2018. In the last few years we have had pastel colours taking centre stage, however this year it is the stronger, richer colours which will be making it down the aisle. Ailsa said: “I think we are definitely going to see more deep colours, lots of wine reds, and berry colours.”

If you are set to get hitched this year then we as always encourage our readers to shop local. Here in Carlisle you can find everything you need to make your big day special.

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