West Cumbria Mining still pushing forward with plans

The news from Toshiba and NuGen in regards to Moorside has made grim reading recently. While everyone is absorbing the latest news, it’s important to bear in mind that West Cumbria has other developments in the pipeline that also promise to create jobs.

The West Cumbria Mining project may feel like it’s stalled but behind the scenes the company are working hard to comply with Cumbria County Council in regards to the planning application.

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Submitted back in May of 2017 it’s a complicated process that’s not easily resolved but with the Moorside plant falling through it’s vital now more than ever that we get behind projects like the Woodhouse Colliery.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Kirkbride is confident the submission is moving forward. “West Cumbria Mining is continuing to make progress with the Woodhouse Colliery project in preparation for the commencement of site works, on the basis that planning permission is successfully obtained in early 2019.  The team continues to work closely with Cumbria County Council to satisfy all of the planning elements to gain approval. WCM has also recently appointed three new senior team members to further strengthen the project as it prepares for construction and operations – clear evidence of the ongoing commitment to Woodhouse Colliery.”

It’s important the community rallies behind the submission because the mine will potentially provide employment for over 500 people, that’s not to mention the supply chain in the surrounding area.  It will prove to be vital to the economy of West Cumbria and Cumbria as a whole. There are a number of ways that we as individuals can make a difference.

The first is to make sure you attend the public update event on the 13th of December at Haig Pit, Whitehaven. Open from noon until 7pm, it gives people ample opportunity to turn up and West Cumbria Mining would dearly love to see a big turnout on the day.

If you would like to see this project move forward and wish to voice your support to Cumbria County Council then you can send a letter of support to:


Development Control and Countryside Management

Environment and Regulatory Services,

Cumbria County Council

County Offices





It’s important to make it clear you are referring to Planning Application 4/17/9007 – Woodhouse Colliery and it’s essential you include your name and postcode with your letter.  Local support is essential to any project of this magnitude.

 It’s no secret that we are excited at the opportunities that WMC will bring to the area.  An increase in skilled employment will have direct ramifications throughout the local economy and will be beneficial to us all.  With everyone’s help we’d love to see this development proceed sooner rather than later.

For more details about WCM and the upcoming event please visit www.westcumbriamining.com

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  1. Stephen Mccann says:

    Good luck to all involved in this project, let’s all get behind this, it will be massive for Whitehaven and the surrounding area, with all that has happened to industry in Copeland over the last 30 years this is a must for the future of the Town


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