Locals get Vocal in Support of West Cumbria Mining!

Locals get Vocal in Support of West Cumbria Mining!

Thousands of locals from in and around the region get vocal in support of the World’s First ‘Net-Zero’ proposed underground mine near Whitehaven.

Camping At Cardewlees

For many supporters, it was seen as a foregone conclusion that WCM would get the go-ahead with Cumbria County Council saying Yes on three different occasions. 

The silent-majority has always been there as has local support, though not in the same limelight as the protesters.



We Support West Cumbria Mining group has seen a deluge of support, regionally and nationally in the last week, as the spotlight is yet again on WCM due to the current enquiry.

Stephen Murphy from WSWCM said “I can’t believe the number of messages, emails and comments coming through. It is great to see so many local people coming together to voice and show their support for this project – not only for the global environmental benefit it will bring, but also the technology it will bring to Britain’s Energy Coast, as well as the community support from West Cumbria Mining.”

We Support West Cumbria Mining is a platform where people can access progress reports and show support for the proposed Woodhouse Mine at Kells, Whitehaven. The four-year timeline reflects the excitement, frustration, anger and disappointment as West Cumbria Mining have worked hard to comply with the requirements of the planning authority.



The various protest groups have become increasingly vocal about the need to reject planning permission for the mine and have sought to foster public support by misrepresenting the facts.

WSWCM seek to counter these claims and educate the wider public by publicising the truth about Woodhouse Mine and the critical need for coking coal in progressing the green transition.

This week saw the first face-to-face meeting of the members of WSWCM outside the West Cumbria Mine Offices at Haig Pit, with the intention of raising the profile of the group.

In the last 48 hours, the group membership has doubled and as thousands of locals voice their opinions and support for the project.

John Greasley from WSWCM said “There is growing frustration among local people that outside groups are trying to dictate the agenda for West Cumbria.

It is strange, as both sides want to see the green transition succeed, but without a doubt, the road to success will mean a huge increase in the demand for raw materials. Steel production will need to increase substantially to meet the demand for wind turbines.

Local people see the need for a local supply of coking coal to power the transition right up until green hydrogen is available in sufficient quantities to take over. The group is a way for them to vent this frustration and make their voices heard. You can find We Support West Cumbria Mining on Facebook

Further walks in support of the mine are planned for the next four weeks to demonstrate the strength of the local support during the public inquiry being held in Kendal.


John Greasley Pictured. 

For further information, please contact John Greasley  – WSWCM

Camping At Cardewlees
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4 thoughts on "Locals get Vocal in Support of West Cumbria Mining!"

  1. Chris Bush says:

    No doubt that we need coal to sustain the steel industry rather than importing expensive coal from abroad
    The technology for making steel without using coal doesn’t exist yet
    My only objection is that the road and rail networks to West Cumbria are totally inadequate at present even with the current amount of traffic
    There needs to be a major upgrade in the A595 South before any further industry comes to the area

  2. Claire says:

    The new mine will not be utilising the roads, everything is going by rail which will be upgraded to cope.

  3. Emma says:

    The plan is thought to sell the coal to Turkey to Undercut our Steel industry and buy in Cheap steel from Turkey. So instead we export Coal and import Steel.

  4. David Murray says:

    Has anyone estimated the proportional extra load on the road network? I suspect it may not be a major issue.


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