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Between posing for photographs, mingling and dancing there will be very little opportunity for the Bride to sit down and take a load off. Therefore a comfortable pair of shoes is a vital part of your wedding outfit. Here are a few simple, but important pointers to take heed of when shoe hunting.

It is possible to find a pair of comfortable bridal shoes that are also aesthetically appealing. But, be realistic, and think about what you usually wear; if you’re not used to wearing heels, then your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to opt for killer heels. Likewise, if you’re not used to sky scrapers, don’t risk them on the big day or you’ll be desperate to get them off before you’ve even finished your first glass of champagne.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go for a style that would seem more appropriate on your grandma. Do your research, find a style that complements your dress and be honest with yourself when trying them on. Ask yourself, will I be able to last a full day and night in these shoes?

Like everything else when it comes to weddings, timing is important! Not only will you need to know your heel height for your dress fittings but you need to have enough time to break them in. There is nothing that can ruin a special day more than burning blisters. Wear your shoes in the house, when you’re doing the house work or even just sitting watching TV.

Next, think about your venue. If you’re having a beach wedding, a pair of six inch heels is a no go, similarly if you’re having photographs on a lawn – you could end up sinking into the grass. If you’ve opted for an outdoor ceremony then heading inside for the reception, consider bringing an extra pair of shoes suitable for each venue; they can be looked after by a bridesmaid until needed.

Decide whether you want to make a statement. It is becoming more popular for brides to wear shorter dresses and wear a pair of statement shoes, whether it’s a bold colour, a floral pattern or a much coveted pair of Louboutins.

Just remember to keep these three simple things in mind:

  • They have to be comfortable
  • What do I usually wear?
  • Always allow enough time to wear them in
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