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The selection and purchasing of a wedding dress is the single most important clothing item a woman will make in her life.

A wedding dress is much more than just a dress; it should inspire beauty and grace. A bride should feel a transformation to one of elegance and confidence when wearing her dress for that very special journey into her new life.

Having worked in the bridal retail industry for a leading London designer, Cheryl Nugent enjoyed a successful managerial rose but felt much more could be offered to remove many of the ‘mysteries’ of bridal wear and meet the aspirations of prospective brides.


Many brides openly admitted that they had very little knowledge of bridal wear and were basically ‘feeling their way’ through the many bridal shops, armed with the latest wedding magazine, not really certain as to what they were seeking.

Rather than just acknowledge these remarks, Cheryl decided to improve the service offered to brides and from this tiny acorn and much hard work, Champagne Brides was born in September 2003.


Cheryl said: “When someone comes in I ask all sorts of questions such as ‘where are you getting married?’, ‘what type of wedding?’ and even ‘what do you do for a living?’ These types of questions help me as it is a sort of extension of their personality. I then look at their height, shape, width of the shoulders, and length of the torso and from the information given I can envisage what type of dress is going to suit someone.”

The service offered by Champagne Brides is primarily appointment based which allows brides that quality time in which to express their desires and experiment with numerous dress designs. An average consultation can take up to one and a half hours, and during this time brides can be assured of a full one-to-one consultation where the shapes, fabrics and styles can be explained in detail.


The appointment system also ensures exclusive privacy and many brides like to be accompanied by parents and friends to the spacious and comfortable Champagne Brides studio for that all important, second opinion.

Dress suppliers are sourced from some of the world’ leading manufacturers and Cheryl regua.lry attends the ‘International Bridal Shows’ where designers introduce their latest creations and where Champagne Brides can be at the forefront of developments in bridal fashion and prom wear.


Although Champagne Brides began as a bridal gown and bridesmaids dress outlet, customer demand has already fuelled the expansion into prom dresses, a fantastic collection that must be seen, In addition, and to celebrate their 13th anniversary, Champagne Brides are offering some excellent promotions throughout September 2016, including 10 per cent off all bridesmaid and prom dresses, 15 per cent off all new bridal orders and up to 50 per cent off selected sample dresses.

Cheryl and her team look forward to seeing you at their studios above Natwest Bank in Pow Street, Workington, where they hope they can transform you into a ‘Champagne Bride’.

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