Whitehaven Rambling Club To Celebrate 90th Anniversary

On June 3rd 2018, WRC will be celebrating it’s 90th Anniversary, with lots of activities for it’s members, but our main event will be an Exhibition on Saturday 2nd June chartering 90 years of rambling in Whitehaven and a dinner in the evening for our members. 
It will be held in the Solway Hall, Lowther Street, Whitehaven. Our guest speaker for the evening will be Cumbrian broadcaster and author Eric Robson and he has asked for his fee to be a donation to the charity fix the fells. The committee then agreed to have fix the fells for our charity this year and hope to raise a significant amount.
90 years of rambling is certainly an outstanding achievement of which we are very proud and is worthy of celebration. The commitment of the many long standing members and their dedication over many years, has lead to the success and longevity of the Club
A small potted history of Whitehaven Rambling Club
Whitehaven Rambling Club has a long and varied history starting from the first ever walk on June 3rd 1928 from Drigg to Santon Bridge, where an informal meeting took place and it was decided to form a rambling club. The main instigator of this was Roland Taylor who spent an enormous amount of time and energy in starting up the club and going a long way to making it what it is today. Roland died in December 1992 aged 85.
Right from the start some of the objects of the Club were to encourage rambling and to create a closer fellowship between all lovers of the countryside, to protect and preserve all wild flowers, trees and plants, birds and animal life, keep the countryside code and very importantly to foster the spirit of friendship between all member, irrespective of class or creed.
Whitehaven Rambling Club has gone from strength to strength over the past 90 years, and at present has a membership of 180. WRC organize a multitude of events for the members such as:
  1. A Quarterly bulletin which informs members of all walks and forthcoming event.
  2. Walks take place every 2 weeks on Sundays, with various levels of rambles.
  3. During the summer months coach rambles are arranged allowing linear routes to be undertaken.
  4. Also during the summer months walks are arranged on Wednesday evenings
  5. During the winter months on Wednesday evenings Lectures and Slide Shows are arranged.
  6. Holidays and weekend excursions take place two or three times a year.
  7. Occasional meals out at local venues which take place after rambles
  8. Christmas dinner celebration
  9. And a host of other activities such as, sponsorship for various charities, rock climbing, hang gliding, via ferrata, photographic competitions, quizzes.
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