Mountain Rescue Volunteers Bare All

Mountain Rescue Volunteers Bare All

Members of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team are going all out, in order to fundraise for the bare essentials.

In a bid to raise money, which will go towards upgrading their current vehicles, Penrith MRT have braved the elements in an extraordinary way, creating a charity calendar that is sure to make 2017 a memorable one. Having always been prepared to risk it all for others, they are now baring all as well.

The much-anticipated, if slightly unexpected, theme of the calendar was one of the few things that did remain under wraps until the launch in October, when the team stunned supporters with their natural beauty. The calendars are now on sale online and are available from a number of outlets in Carlisle and Penrith with all funds going directly to the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team Charity.


The Penrith MRT is made up of unpaid volunteers, whose activities are funded solely through donations. The Penrith division covers the largest geographic area in the Lake District – at 2500 square Km, their patch makes up a third of Cumbria – but they also support neighbouring Mountain Rescue Teams, working alongside them to cover a much more extensive area. The team are on hand 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year, providing an essential emergency service and a wide range of community support.


When the county was devastated by flooding last year, the Penrith MRT volunteers played a very important role. The team were involved in evacuating members of the public and providing food and water to the rescue centres which were set up all over Cumbria. The Land Rovers used by the team are ideal for moving through water and rough terrain which is why it is essential that the team raise enough money to maintain their vehicles.


Penrith MRT member, Luke Armitage, was out with friends when he came up with the initial idea, but from that point on it has been a joint effort.


Luke said: “We are not one of the richest teams in the Lake District and the vehicles we use are a really important part of what we do and we need to upgrade our current vehicles to keep moving, especially given the size of our patch.”


Alan Conway, another MRT member continued: “This is why we have created the calendar; we bared all of our natural beauty so we can raise money for the bare essentials. I was really apprehensive about the theme of the calendar at first and being photographed, but I ended up getting into it and found myself suggesting different shots. I am proud of what we have produced as a team.”


While some were initially apprehensive about the idea of becoming the stars of a naked calendar, everyone embraced the challenge, displaying a snippet of the bravery that they demonstrate so often, out on the fells.


Luke said: “The team were all very brave, some found it harder than others but it was great fun and got everyone together. The calendar covers the range of environments in our patch in all of their beauty.”


And it wasn’t just the guys who got their kit off. Calendar star, Emma Johnston jumped at the opportunity to show that life in the MRT is not just a man’s world.


Emma said: “I felt it was important that I got involved in the calendar photos to ensure that everyone can see that women are very much a part of the frontline of the Penrith MRT.”



Members of the team will be in Carlisle City Centre on Saturday 3rd December, promoting the calendar and raising awareness, as Cumbria sees the first anniversary weekend of the floods.


Alan Conway thanked those who helped in the creation of the calendar: “Thank you from all of us at the Penrith MRT to the friends of Penrith MRT, this wouldn’t have happened without you and to the brilliant designer Rachel Benn.”


The Penrith MRT 2017 calendar is £8 and can be purchased from Cotswolds Outdoor and Eden Rock in Carlisle, Go Outdoors and Booths in Penrith. It is also available on


For more information visit the Friends of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team website


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