Milestones for West Cumbria Mining


Milestones for West Cumbria Mining

A Message From Helen…

On behalf of West Cumbria Mining, I would personally like to thank everyone that has shown the project support over the past year, whether that be by attending one of our events, sending an e-mail in support of our planning application, giving feedback on the project or pre-registering interest for future employment.

With the help and knowledge from the local community, West Cumbria Mining (WCM) has continued to make excellent progress throughout 2017 and successfully complete a number of key project milestones.

These include submission of our planning application for Woodhouse Colliery in May, completion of the offshore exploration programme in October and a six-week condition survey of the former Sandwith anhydrite mine drifts. Following much interest from the public regarding the drift surveys, WCM will be displaying photographs and information of this work at our next public open days.

The outcome of our planning application is anticipated in early 2018 but there is still time to show your support by emailing

Please remember to include the planning application reference number PL\1689\05 (4/17/9007) and your postcode in the subject.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news on the project visit or contact 01946 848333

Best wishes

Helen Davies

Head of Communications

West Cumbria Mining


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