Cocktails: Five Simple Summer Recipes

Now that the weather’s looking up, the long summer evenings were made to be savoured in the garden, with a cocktail in hand. We’ve got all your favourite spirits covered with these five simple recipes for cocktails, perfect for making your own concoctions at home.


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Lanique and Lime

The lime’s bitterness is a great balance with the sweet Lanique tones.


50ml Lanique

Crushed ice

Fresh lime juice

Quarter lime

Method: Pour the Lanique in a small glass filled with crushed ice. Pour in the fresh lime juice, stir and garnish with a quarter lime.


The Lemon Drop

The adult equivalent of your favourite childhood sweets, and bound to impress anyone with a sweet tooth.


50ml Vodka

50ml Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon Sugar


Method: Shake all of the ingredients together with ice apart from the lemonade. Pour into a martini glass and top up with lemonade.


The Gimlet

A classic cocktail which was originally served to sailors to combat scurvy, and is now a gin lover’s drink of choice.


50ml Gin

25ml Lime cordial or fresh-squeezed Lime juice

wedge of Lime


Shake ingredients together with ice cubes and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime.


The Cuba Libre a Casa

The perfect cocktail to elevate a simple Rum and Coke.


50ml Dark Rum


1 Lime


Squeeze the lime into a highball glass over ice. Add the double shot of rum and then fill the glass with Coca-Cola. Stir and add a quarter of the lime.


Tequila Lime Spritzer

The spritzer is a refreshing, zingy cocktail if you’re looking for something sour.


50ml Tequila


Sparkling water

Lemon or Lime


Pour the tequila over ice in a tall glass and top with lemonade and sparkling water. Add more lemonade for a sweeter flavour. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.

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