Protect Your Home From Flooding Before Grant Deadline Ends


The Business Emergency Resilience Group urges homes and businesses in the north of England to get flood protected in 2017.

Over 7,000 properties in Cumbria are set to benefit from the Government’s flood grant scheme, which was set up to help protect homes and businesses from flooding. However, many people have yet to take advantage of this funding and as applications are currently only accepted until the end of March, time is running out for those eligible candidates.

The UK’s leading responder, Adler & Allan, are delivering advice, support and flood resilience measures in the region in collaboration with the Business Emergency Recovery Group (BERG). They are  urging those entitled to make their claim in order to ensure their buildings are protected for any future flooding events.

Grants are available for up to the value of £5000, for properties affected by Storm’s Desmond and Eva, which hit Cumbria and parts of Scotland between the 5th and 22nd December 2015. The money will go towards surveying a property to identify risk and the implementation of specialist flood protection measures to mitigate flood water entering properties.

The company has three dedicated offices in Keswick, Carlisle and Kendal, with 10 installation teams in the area focused on improving the flood resilience of homes and businesses that have benefitted from the Government’s grant. Take a look at the facts below and find out if you are eligible for a  Protection Grant.

Flood Protection Grant Facts

  •  Who is eligible? Homes and businesses specifically affected by Storm’s Eva and Desmond, which hit between the 5th and 22nd of December 2015.
  •  How do I apply? Visit and download the application form. Alternatively, BERG has three advice centres in Kendal, Keswick and Carlisle where you can talk to the experts and apply direct.
  •  How much funding is available? £5,000 per application, based on approval for funding.
  •  How long have I got to claim? Applications are currently being accepted up until the end of March 2017, with all property improvements due for completion by June 2017.

What are the flood protection measures? Adler & Allan, which is a member of BERG, supply install a range of flood mitigation measures. You can view examples at

For more information and to apply for a grant, visit

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