Lamb and Potato Curry (Aloo Gosht)

Serves 6


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4 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil.

10oz (285g) Onions, peeled and roughly chopped.

2 Fresh Green Chilli, halved and deseeded.

7 Cloves of Garlic, peeled and finely chopped.

2 ¼ lb 1kg Lamb Shoulder, on the bone and cut into 2-3cm cubes (from your local Halal shop if possible).

1 Tin of Tomatoes.

2 Tablespoons Masala Powder.

2 Teaspoons Sea Salt.

10 Fresh Curry Leaves.

2lb  (980g) Potatoes, peeled and cut in quarters.(Halves if small).

1 ½ Pints of Water.


  • Take your favourite large, heavy bottomed curry pan and pour in the oil over a high heat.

  • When the oil is hot throw in the first 3 ingredients, the onions, garlic and chilli.

  • Let them cook for 5 minutes until lightly browned.

  • Then throw in the meat and bones and turn the heat down slightly, then stir to loosen all the ingredients and stir frequently for the next 5 minutes.

  • Now add the tin of tomatoes and the masala powder and salt and stir them through.

  • Now turn down the heat to medium and cook the ingredients out until you see an shiny, oily surface appearing.

  • Now throw in your potatoes and boiling water and black cardamoms and curry leaves.

  • Turn the heat down again to a nice slow simmer and cook for at least an hour or until the potatoes start to drop and thicken the sauce.

  • Finish off with finely chopped coriander and seasoning of salt (if needed).

  • Leave to cool if  you can for 2 hours as this will help the curry.

  • Reheat thoroughly before serving with either spiced boiled rice or chappati’s.

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