Honister Slate Mine Introduce Multimedia Mining

A brand new multimedia mine tour is ready to explode into action at Honister Slate Mine.  

Honister Slate Mine, England’s last working slate mine, has announced that its brand-new multimedia mine tour is now open and ready to bring the mines history to life through storytelling, music, light and – most importantly – explosions.  

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Daily guided tours already take place in an array of narrow passages and cathedral-like caverns, but now the popular attraction is delighted to share their latest development. 

Working with audio visual engineers Piranha Creative, who specialise in working with a range of visitor attractions across the UK including museums and mines, Honister has invested in bringing the latest technologies to Cumbria to build upon their iconic attraction and take it to the next level. 

Visitors can go deep within the mine to meet 8 year John Taylor of Borrowdale, hear his story and share his most vivid memories of what life was really like for slate miners working at Honister throughout the ages.  

The new installation gives the visitor a complete sensory experience bringing together sight, hearing and touch to encompass the journey of the family’s ancestors. Follow in their footsteps right through to 2018 and hear from the final presenters of the new tour who are actually the great grandchildren, Prentice and Tiger. Hear how this generation of the family, along with their parents and the commitment of the workforce, have diversified the mine to maintain its market place in the world of stone and slate. As well as how they came to realise the new industrial benefit to the community with tourism, making it the vibrant place it is today. 

The tour is designed to appeal to all ages but especially today’s children, who can learn for themselves how young boys started work at the age of 8 to become their fathers’ apprentices. How they built trust, learned of the dangers and lived within the camaraderie of their workmates. 

The brand new interactive mine tour has opened in time to welcome the official start of the season. 

Tours run daily from 10.30am and take around 90 minutes, safety helmets and lamps are provided.  

Find out more at http://honister.com


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