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Ever heard the saying tidy home, tidy mind? We all like the idea of living a simple life with less ‘stuff’, and now that spring is here with its new beginnings and fresh starts, it’s the perfect time to embark on clearing the clutter that has been crowding your home for too long.  

It can seem like a daunting task at first, but with these pointers, your living (and head) space will be decluttered in no time.  

Break it down 

With nooks and crannies you didn’t even know existed, attempting to declutter the entire family home in one fell swoop is overwhelming, to say the least. Instead, break it down into rooms, and only focus on one at a time. Work your way around the house that way and it will seem much more achievable. 


Three box method  

Get yourself three boxes, label one ‘keep’, one ‘throw away’ and one ‘recycle’. The rest is pretty self explanatory, but don’t be afraid to be ruthless. For each item ask yourself if it really does belong in the ‘keep’ box – if you haven’t used/worn/read it in the last 12 months the chances are it doesn’t. 


Give it away  

Giving items away, whether to charity or friends and family, feels almost as good as the actual relief of getting rid of them. Fill those collection bags that are always coming through your letterbox or use your imagination, you could give away one item every day for a year, from old clothes you never wear, to a book you know a friend will love.  


Storage solutions 

Of course, like or not there’s some clutter that you just have to live with. For this you need ingenious storage solutions. Fill a wall with open shelves to make a statement out of your stuff, make the most of unused space with boxes and baskets and hunt out unique items that will double as a focal point of the room as well as storage space.  


One in one out  

But old habits die hard. Even after all that work, it’s easy to let the clutter creep back in. From now on live by a one in one out rule. Every time you buy something new get rid of one you already own.  

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