Changing Places, Changing Lives @ GWK Shop

Changing Places, Changing Lives

If you’re looking for a range of furniture to deck out your new home, then look no further than GWK Shop.

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Located in James Street in Workington, the recently opened furniture shop offers more than one reason to pay them a visit.


Amidst up-cycling and bringing furniture and decorative items back to life, GWK Shop works with partners to support long term unemployment among young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Offering training opportunities and progression into education, employment or volunteering, GWK Shop helps to improve the lives of people in the local community, as well as transforming tired home furnishings into works of art.


Employment advisor and shop supervisor, Ken Shaw said: “We offer high quality pre-loved and up-cycled furniture and household goods at very competitive prices. We are always in need of donations of furniture and household items, especially coffee tables, shelves, wooden furniture, bookcases and sofas, (with fire instructions.)

“Don’t throw it away donate today is our motto, this also helps the environment as we rescue furniture that may end up as landfill.”


The GWK Shop sources and collects a range of waste and surplus furnishings from individuals, businesses and other organisations including living, dining and bedroom furniture, as well as bespoke and decorative items.

Drop in to their showroom today to browse their range of up-cycled furniture and decorative items, or speak to one of the lovely members of staff for more information on made-to-order bespoke pieces.

Visit GWK today for all your household needs. Open Monday to Friday 08.30-4.00 and Sat 8.30-1.00.


If you would like further information about the GWK shop or if you would like to make an enquiry about volunteering please call: 07584171883, 07553372600, email: or visit them on Facebook @gwkshop.


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