Take the Carlisle Street Art Tour

Take the Carlisle Street Art Tour

Carlisle is not a destination you associate with street art but the city is gathering an impressive collection of works.

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Ben Heslop is responsible for bringing some of the world’s most renowned street artists to the city:  “Many renowned cities have some sort of street art culture but Carlisle didn’t.  Street art encourages people to view, travel through and observe spaces which is important on our struggling high streets.  Starting a conversation is part of it, if people tell me they don’t like something then at least I know they’ve thought about it.  Thankfully, there has been a positive response.”

Take the tour, find the interactive map at https://carlisle.streetartcities.com

Bush Brow

Butterfly Girl: Create what you Dream


The first mural painted by Tabby and the city’s first proper piece of Street Art.

5 Abbey St

Banana Bomber


Making the world safer one step at a time

The Old Firestation

Bombero Silvestre

Tymon de Laat

Painted freehand by the Dutch Master, this piece is located in the courtyard to the rear of the building and depicts real-life South American firefighter.

Struts, Chapel St

Lenny/Spot Graffer


Using spray paints and stencils, ‘The Lego Guy’ created two pieces with spray paints, stencils and a touch of freehand.   The works are based on The Lego Movie 2.


Cantankerous Man

Angry Dan

Painted freehand by artist and poet Angry Dan, it’s his first mural outside of London.

 Coco Mill, Lowther St

Not Again: Carried Away, Expect the Unexpected / Giraffe Crane: Forbidden Love


Carried away was one of three works which went up on Tabby’s 2nd visit to Carlisle. Giraffe Crane: Forbidden Love is Tabby’s largest piece in Carlisle and needed some big stencils.

Coco Mill

Joy Bound

Created by Phoebe Bell

Painted by 18-year-old, Cumbrian resident Phoebe Bell shortly after her A-Levels.  It’s freehand acrylics and was her first mural.

Friars Court

Balloon Dog: Taking the Piss


Tabby used his customary spray paint stencils (with added drips).

Landmark Street Art, Crosby Street

Giraffe Crane: Forbidden Love, Miniature


A cheeky little number for all the spotters out there.


9 Crosby St

Penguin Underwear Model: Brief Encounter


This handsome little chap is a gem.

Devonshire Street

Archway beside ArtWorks Bar

The depiction of Aira Force was created by Carlisle artist Martin Evans and is the most recent addition.

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