Away With The Faeries at Kirklinton Hall

Amid a fascinating past and an exciting future, the magnificent Kirklinton Hall will reopen to the public this April. 

The 17th Century, Kirklinton Hall sits on a 12-acre site that features a beautiful part-walled garden. With its five bays and two tower-like wings, the grandiose ruin is so majestic that even in the depths of winter the site feels somewhat enchanted. Never mind how spectacular it all looks throughout the sunnier seasons, when the plethora of flora and fauna are in full bloom and the Hall and Gardens are flooded with colour. Thousands of tulips and daffodils are planted during the winter, lawns are lush green, fruits – apples, pears and quinces – grow in the orchard, and orange trees embellish even the walls of the Hall itself. 

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With the house currently in the process of being restored to its former glory, building and restoration work takes place throughout the winter months while the Hall and Gardens are closed to the public. It will reopen for the spring on 1 April, with a grand, Easter-themed event. 


The Grade II listed Kirklinton Hall which was built in 1660, has a rich history. Over the years it evolved from a country house to an RAF base, a school, a hotel, and even a casino and nightclub. 

For its current owner, Christopher Boyle – a local from Mallsburn – the Hall was a landmark growing up. Seeing an opportunity to rescue it from further dereliction, Christopher bought Kirklinton Hall with a dream to return it to its former glory and preserve its fascinating history for which the community can benefit. 

With new team members on board who share Christopher’s passion and perspective, the project will finally move forward to fulfill his vision for Kirklinton Hall utilising local builders and local suppliers. 


The message, first and foremost, is community. Kirklinton Hall and Gardens is a community asset, a place for everyone to enjoy, and to emphasise this a new ticketing scheme will give those with a local postcode free entry during the school holidays. 

As well as the weddings and events held over the summer, art workshops, photography and cookery classes are on the agenda, and there’s a space where local artists can exhibit their work for free. 

From the food and drink, to the artwork on display and even the tradesmen working on site, all are local to the area. They have formed new partnerships with local artisans suppliers and are the Head of Slow Food Cumbria, a movement which is in the process of being revived. With a new michelin star chef in the kitchen, jams and chutneys made on site and produce grown in the Gardens will soon be available to purchase in the newly refurbished shop and online. 

The Grand Opening and Easter Egg Hunt on 1 April will offer everyone the opportunity to discover or indeed, rediscover Kirklinton Hall. Ahead of a jam-packed calendar of upcoming events, it is a chance to see the progress made over the winter, to meet the new team members – both two legged and four – and get a glimpse of what the future has in store for this ‘haunt of ancient peace’.

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1 April – Grand Opening 

28 April – Digital Photography with Tricia Meynall 

28 April – Ghost Hunt 

9 May –  Digital Photography with Tricia Meynall 

20 May – Fairy Day with Magical Mel 

1- 2 June – Drove-T-Drink – The Call of the Hall 

8 June – Kirklinton PCC Summer Fair 

14 July – The Barber of Seville Opera 

12 August – Open Garden in aid of The Red Cross 

29 September – Paranormal Event  





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