15,000 crocuses to be planted in Workington

Volunteers are being sought to help with a large planting project in Workington.

Over 15,000 crocus bulbs will be planted in Workington with the work beginning on 26 October. The ‘Ruby Giant’ bulbs will be planted at various locations around the town including Hall Park, Vulcan Park, Mossbay, and Moorclose.

The bulb planting is organised by Workington Town Council in partnership with Workington Rotary and Derwent Rotary as part of the ‘Purple4Polio’ campaign. The campaign is an initiative by Rotary International and is designed to raise awareness about polio, a preventable disease that still threatens children in parts of the world today. Purple is the colour of the dye placed on the little finger on the left hand of a child to show they have been immunised against polio, hence the name ‘Purple4Polio’ and the symbolic use of the purple crocus.

Volunteers have so far been recruited from the Town Council, Workington Rotary, Derwent Rotary, South Workington Youth Partnership, Workington Nature Partnership, and Workington in Bloom. However, more people are needed to ensure that the work is completed on time. To volunteer, or for more information about the project, contact Amy Johnson at Workington Town Council: 01900 702986 or amy.johnson@workingtontowncouncil.gov.uk

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