The Advantages Of Neutering Your Pet

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity highlight the advantages of neutering your pet.  

Did you know that one un-neutered female cat could potentially be responsible for up to 20,000 descendants within five years? Female cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age and can produce up to 18 kittens per year, the numbers soon add up.  

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At Oak Tree we see hundreds of unwanted animals every year searching for loving homes. We also find litters of abandoned animals and face situations weekly, when owners, who have not had their pet neutered, get overwhelmed by new arrivals of puppies and kittens. Many find that they can not care for the new arrivals and that they are unable to rehome them privately. 

Neutering, is an operation carried out by your vet under a general anaesthetic. Male animals are castrated – have their testicles removed, female animals are spayed – have their uterus (womb) and ovaries removed. 

Neutering not only prevents unwanted animals but also has added health benefits for your pet including: 

  • Preventing certain types of cancer including: ovarian, testicular and breast cancer. 
  • Stopping females from developing pyometras (a life-threatening infection of the womb) 
  • Reducing unwanted behaviours including roaming, “calling” and spraying. 

These benefits can help your pet live a longer and happier life. 

There are also a lot of myths about the risks of getting your pet neutered, often giving owners cause for concern. These include: 

Neutering will cause my pet to become overweight.  

Vets and animal professionals agree that pet obesity is a key challenge facing animal welfare in the UK. Neutering reduces the amount of calories your pet will need; taking this into account and ensuring appropriate portion sizes and type of food will aid in preventing weight gain. 

My pet needs to have a litter before she is neutered.  

Having one litter before neutering has no proven health or behavioural benefits; veterinary evidence actually suggests that females spayed before their first heat are usually healthier.   

My pet’s behaviour will change if I neuter them.  

Neutering can help reduce unwanted behaviours such as mounting, spraying and roaming and can help prevent some aggression problems or undesirable behaviours caused by a higher level of reproductive hormones.  

Neutering my male pet will make them feel “less of a man”.  

Animals do not have a concept of sexual identity or ego. Masculine brain characteristics are formed in early life and the presence or absence of testicles have no significant bearing on them. 

Neutering is very expensive 

Neutering prices vary depending on your pet’s gender and weight. Oak Tree advises owners to discuss neutering with their vets, even before they get a pet, so costs are appreciated. Neutering is far cheaper than bringing up a litter of kittens or puppies. Feeding extra mouths, and unanticipated veterinary costs, caused by complications, can be substantial. Many charities, including Oak Tree, can help owners on benefits or with certain pet breeds, towards neutering costs through discount neutering schemes.  

Neutering has the potential to save lives. With Wimbledon nearly upon us, we really would encourage owners to consider “No Balls Please”! 

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