Historian Garry Sheffield heads to Carlisle

Historian Garry Sheffield heads to Carlisle.

Professor Garry Sheffield will be visiting Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life in Carlisle Castle for the Museum’s final talk from its Battle of the Somme Centenary series on Tuesday 10 January at 6pm.

His talk will be titled “Gallipoli and the Somme one disaster one success? “

The Gallipoli campaign is often regarded as a brilliant idea marred by bungled execution, while the Somme is seen as a disastrous defeat. This lecture argues that these views are wrong: that Gallipoli was the disaster, and the Somme was a strategic success which was an essential steppingstone to the Allied victory in 1918

Professor Sheffield joined the University of Wolverhampton as Professor of War Studies, where along with Professor Stephen Badsey, Professor John Buckley, and Dr Spencer Jones, form the strongest group of military history scholars in a conventional UK university.
Here’s what other noted historians have said about him:

Gary Sheffield has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on the British Army of the First World War’ Professor Saul David, University of Buckingham

‘Gary Sheffield is one of Britain’s foremost historians of the First World War – insightful, original, and superbly informed’ Sir Max Hastings, military historian.

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