Hardwicke Circus – Flying the Flag

Hardwicke Circus - Flying the Flag

Hardwicke Circus – Flying the Flag

Flying the Flag is the latest Album from Cumbria’s hardest-working band.

There are many bands out there putting the miles in, but Hardwick Circus takes it to another level.

Their work ethic is second to none, and they seem to be constantly on the road, travelling up and down the country.

Hardwicke Circus - Flying the Flag

Not only are they musically astute and very tight, but their songs are top-notch, they are one band that delivers every time they take to the stage and they always put on a show.

They have recently launched their latest 12-track album, Flying the Flag. Overall, it’s a decent album with some banging tunes, yet track 12 – No More Doggin is on a whole different level.

HC aren’t a band to conform, musically they take whatever path is in front of them, so expect an album that too’s and fro’s across a spectrum of genres. They round it all off with No More Doggin, a harmoniously brilliant throwback; think early Beatles.

 Lead singer Johnny Foster says, “Overall, we are delighted with our second studio album; it’s our best yet and we cover a lot more ground. Flying the Flag is a nod to where we are from; we are proud Cumbrians and champion our county wherever we find ourselves in the UK. We recorded the album here in Cumbria, in London, and out on the road, and we can’t wait to get out to festivals and get the tunes out to the masses.”

 Czech Mate  

 As well as the many gigs and festivals they will be playing, including Kendal Calling and Wild on the Wall, Hardwick Circus will also be Flying the Flag on the continent later this year as they prepare to tour Czech Republic on a 22-date tour which was arranged by a fan over there.

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