Five Minute Pet Checks

Five Minute Pet Checks
All pets should have a health check at least once a week but, often it is overlooked. Animals including dogs and cats can pick up infections, parasites and diseases really easily whilst out on a walk and is the reason why carrying out five minute health checks are vital.
– Mouth: You are looking at the health of the teeth, are they discoloured or chipped? Do you think they are suitable for an animal of that age? You should also look at their gums and tongue; if the gums look unusually pale it could be a sign of anaemia which could be a result of parasites or disease.

– Nose: You are looking for any unusual discharge coming from nostrils as well as any cuts or lumps around the nasal area. It is also wise to take note of your animals breathing pattern, if it is fast paced or heavy there could be something wrong.

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– Eyes: Again, check for any unusual discharge and colouration of the pupils. Any milky/grey areas could indicate cataracts. Also check the membrane surrounding the eye and look for any swelling or redness.

– Ears: Discharge can be a bad sign, so always check for any parasites in the ears as they like to reside in areas like this. The ears should be clean, if not give them a quick clean (with ear cleaner from a pet shop. NOT WATER!)
– Front legs/paws: Run your hands down the legs of your pets, check for lumps or scabs. Also check the paws, in between the toes and the pads for parasites or cuts.
Check the claws and nails of your pet to make sure they are at the right length, if not clip them yourself. If you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, take your pet to the local groomers.

– Skin: Check the skin for any dryness or scabs as well as parasites. Also check for any bald spots.
– Anus/genitals: Have a quick look for any unusual discharge coming from these areas which could indicate infection.

Follow the nose to tail rule when health checking which reduces the chances of spreading any infection or disease whilst examining your animal. If you do find anything unusual, it is important to take your pet to the vets to make sure that any ailments are treated immediately to reduce the chances of further illness or infection.

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