Fireworks and keeping your pet calm

Joanne Briggs of Warathwaite Luxury Boarding Kennels has years of experience caring for animals.  She offers her tips for keeping your pets safe during the stressful fireworks period.

 Check their microchipping details are correct

Statistics show there is a rise in the calls to Petlog at this time of year as many animals flee due to stress.  According to Petlog, 53% of microchips have incorrect owner details which means if your pet goes missing they may not be returned home.

  • Check where and when fireworks displays are held in your area and also enquire if your neighbours are planning an unofficial display.
  • Give your pet a safe place to hide. Set up a comfortable room or create a den in your house just for them.
  • Use ambient noise to mask the fireworks, close windows and curtains to muffle the sounds.
  • Keep them busy. Treat toys like a Kong can help distract them during a display.
  • Skip the celebrations and stay at home with your dog – your presence could make all the difference.
  • Walk your dog before dusk and keep them away from areas where children let off fireworks.
  • Behave normally as your dog can pick up on any abnormal behaviour. Remain calm and happy as this will send positive signals to your dog.
  • Keep a close eye on pregnant bitches as a fright from fireworks could cause an early delivery.
  • Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP) are natural chemicals produced by animals to communicate with one another. DAP is produced by mothers to reassure their puppies and come in the form of Sprays, diffusers and collars produced by Pet Remedy and Adaptil.
  • Bonfire night is not only one night, it continues from the beginning of October right through November.

Preparation is key and it’s best to take action as far in advance as you can.

Unfortunately for some animals there is nothing you can do and for desperate owners that need to take drastic measures, I’d like to point out Warathwaite Kennels is situated in a quiet location, far from the noise of fireworks and we have availability over this stressful season.

As a dog owner, any animals well-being is always my utmost concern.

You can call me on 01228 560101 or visit

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