Exciting developments for Wigton Motor Club

Exciting developments for Wigton Motor Club

Wigton Motor Club has an exciting 2020 lined up with a host of their popular events and a brand new headquarters development.

The club is one of the most progressive in the UK and has twice won the prestigious Motor Club of the Year competition.  During 2019 work started on the Club’s new home near Cockermouth, The Motor House.  It will be used to store equipment and there will be space for office facilities along with a multi-use area for meetings and talks.


Members will benefit from the space which will give them a dedicated area to work on their cars.  The interior is still being fitted out but it’s hoped everything will be in order for the official opening in the Spring.

Last year saw the first running of a new event for the Club, the Coast to Coast Run, and as it proved so successful it will be repeated this year in October when it runs from Maryport to Hartlepool. This additional event joins the series of touring events that the Club runs throughout the year.  The first is the Midweek Meander in March, followed by the three day Yorkie Gallop in May while the Rose and Thistle in August will round up the year.

The club’s biggest public event is the Cumbria Classic and Motorsport Show at Dalemain on August 23rd.  Now in its 32nd year, it’s the biggest classic and motorsport event in the north. This year the featured marques are Cobra, Toyota and MG and past shows have seen over 800 cars on display.

At Dalemain on April 26th, there will be the annual Drive It Day, which is part of the celebration of older vehicles co-ordinated by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. It is very informal and runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and members of all clubs are welcome to attend.

During the lighter evenings, there is a programme of evening runs on the first Wednesday of the month. These wonderful outings are usually around 40 miles and finish at a pub for sandwiches and refreshments.

The club also hosts a full programme of competitive events with ten autotests or autosolos, two historic and Targa rallies while the preseason test day has been re-introduced.

The historic rallies run over the same format and this is for cars over 30 years old while the Targa events are open to standard road-going cars.  Targa events are an ideal way for new members to get started in motorsport at minimum cost. A typical entry cost is £100 which includes all fees, insurance and food for two people during the event.

These events include up to 20 special tests run over private land linked by road sections which may include some navigational challenges. They are completely different from stage rallies in that the speeds are much less and the cars near standard.

Other events will be announced as the year progresses.  The club has an award-winning monthly magazine, Start Line which has all the local and national news from a team of regular columnists. Wigton Motor Club also sends out email updates according to locality or event interests.

Over 850 members can’t be wrong so if you love motorsports and would like to get involved find information and membership details for the Wigton Motor Club at www.wigtonmc.co.uk

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