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Misty’s Mini Guides are handy for people with dogs (or those who don’t) who want to avoid stiles and scrambles on their Lakeland hikes.

Lake District Coast Aquarium

Author, Sharon Leedell, put her lockdown time to good use and produced three books over the year: “I wrote them after struggling to find suitable walks with my 5 year old Alsatian, Misty. I’ve been a keen fell walker all my life but never considered stiles until Misty came along, she’s too heavy to lift and can’t jump over many obstacles.

I wanted her walks to be an adventure and asked around for advice but couldn’t find much we enjoyed, so I started to post my own routes on Facebook. There was a lot of interest so I thought that it would be good to write some books on our adventures and I’ve now published editions on North & West, Central & East and South Cumbria.



I am a keen amateur landscape photographer and love to find walks where there is plenty to see and not necessarily the popular ‘must go to’ sites. I normally have my hands full with my camera and an excited dog on a lead without having to struggle with obstacles and I’m sure my books will suit photographers or people who would like easier routes.

I have listed walks of varying difficulty, some low level, medium and harder walks that are marked by paws to help people choose which walk is best for them. I have also included warning symbols to let people know where they are likely to encounter livestock.

The books pair with a well known GPS route provider to create GPX files for customers to download with a compatible app or GPS device.” You can find Misty’s Guides in local stores like Catstycam of Glenridding, Bookends of Keswick, Sam Read Booksellers of Grasmere, the village Store in Braithwaite, Podgy Paws of Keswick or
online at Amazon.


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Lake District Coast Aquarium
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