Egremont Woman Finds Live Tarantula in Her Garden

Cumbrian woman finds live tarantula in her garden, whilst enjoying summer barbecue.

 A local woman was horrified to discover a tarantula in the garden of her Egremont home, while she made the most of the sun over the weekend.

Sandy Sike

 Like many Brits this Sunday, Veronica Shaw and her family were enjoying a barbecue on Sunday 19 June, when the eight-legged creature turned up uninvited.

 Veronica said on her Facebook page: “You will never believe it! Barbie going, cocktails flowing, everyone playing footie in the garden and along comes a spider – a bloody tarantula came to join us!”

 Veronica’s stunned husband Dave, bravely captured the creepy crawly in a container. The tarantula turned out to belong to a neighbour, it has now been safely returned.

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Sandy Sike
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