Cumbria Guide Book Club: May/June 2024

Cumbria Guide Book Club: May/June 2024

Welcome to the Cumbria Guide Book Club…

May/June is the time for new beginnings, chilling in the garden and making the most of the warmer weather, pair that with a good book and you have the perfect recipe for a wholesome afternoon! Take a look at the latest books in this section all written by local authors.

If you are an author and would like your book to be featured in future editions of The Book Club, please email us at: [email protected]

Stand-Up Paddleboarding in the Lake District

by Jo Moseley

This is a beautifully photographed guide to places to paddleboard in the Lakes and along the Cumbrian coastline, brought to life with engaging stories of paddleboarders, the rich history and geography of the Lakes and practical information on launching, transport, eating, exploring, paddling and safety. This is the only available guidebook that exclusively focuses on the Lake District, one of the best places to SUP in the UK.

Available on Amazon from May 2nd

The Accidental Coal Miner

by Jim McCarten

Jim McCarten, was born 1907 and lived his married life mostly in Seaton. Before he died in 1988 he wrote his story of his life down the pits of West Cumberland.

His story charts a history of a frightened boy on his first day at St. Helens Colliery, Siddick in 1920 to Manager of the Mining Training Centre, Mossbay in 1970.

If you are interested in reading Jim’s book contact:
[email protected]


by Lucy Kissick

Engineer Lucian plans to create suns using solar mirrors and captured asteroids to flood a frozen worldlet with warmth. Ten-year-old Nou, traumatised by an accident, seeks life and knowledge of Pluto’s underworld. Her secret could stop terraforming and transform our place in the Universe.

Available on Amazon.

Whatever the Weather

by Michelle Russell & Richard O’Neill


Whatever the weather we’ll count together, we’ll count the Herdwick Sheep. Whatever the weather we’ll count together, before they go to sleep.

This lovely childrens book is fun, educational and locally relevant. Not only does it encourage children to improve their reading and counting skills but also educates them on our famously unique Cumbrian dialect!

Available from The Happy Herdwick Book Shop, Oaktree Animal Charity, Wetheral


by Bethany E Lawson

After finding a mysterious box of trinkets from a childhood she cannot remember, Alex Bardot uncovers a forgotten diary with a dark past. Desperate to reach its owner, she searches for clues hidden within the pages. Only as she reads the final entry, the ground is swept from beneath her very feet and she plummets down, down, down. Welcome to the land of Eldraies in the realm of Patriem. It seems young Alex has been summoned across dimensions, but by whom?

Prepare to meet not-so familiar faces, to be thrown into a world full of fantasies and dreams come to life, And a war of magic.

Available on Amazon.

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