Parade To Celebrate International Women’s Day


Hundreds of women are expected to turn out for a parade in Carlisle this Saturday.

It’s an opportunity for them to show off the banners they created in collaboration with the artist Karen MacDougall and 11 museums from around the county.

Girl Guides, the Women’s Institute, Soroptimists Interntional, the Trefoil Guild and museum staff will be parading their banners three times – a nod to the women who won them the vote 100 years ago and to mark International Women’s Day.

The all-female Hawkshead Band, a street strolling New Orleans style group, will play and the Carlisle Community Choir will sing four songs to mark the occasion:

Rise Up Women, March of the Women, Shoulder to Shoulder and the Women’s Battlesong (the words for which can be found on the Celebrating Women of Cumbria Facebook page).

Kate Parry, speaking on behalf of the 11 museums said: “Girlguiding has organised this parade as an event for people to watch rather than one to join. But we do hope that people will turn out to cheer us on and also to sing along. It’s great to see how this collaboration between women groups and museums has led to what promises to be a true celebration of Cumbrian women.”

Among the amazing women taking part in the parade is the Deputy Lieutenant of Cumbria, Susan Aglionby OBE, she said: “I was delighted to be asked by the Lord Lieutenant to represent her at the Celebrating Women of Cumbria Parade on Saturday 3rd March. Two weeks ago, three women happened coincidentally to arrive in my kitchen at the same time. Between them these three women represent seven organisations in Cumbria; they began to talk about the parade and the part their organisations were to play in it. The enthusiasm of these women and the importance their organisations feel that they should celebrate the major role and inspiration of the women, who 100 years ago strove so hard that we today should have the vote. They are clearly all women who will continue to carry forward the cause of equality in today’s society.”

Another is the Mayor of Carlisle, Trish Vasey, she said: “It’s wonderful that the City of Carlisle is taking part in a parade to celebrate the women of Cumbria and all that they have done throughout the last hundred years, we should never forget that it took from the late 1800s to 1918 to win the right to vote.

“I hold this badge of office as the 431st Mayor of Carlisle, but I am only the 15th woman to hold this title, so it is a special privilege for me to be a Lady Mayor in this year of the women.”

The Celebrating Women of Cumbria parade will happen three times in the main pedestrian area in Carlisle City Centre – at 11am, 11.30am and 12 noon.

Members of the public are encouraged to come and watch.

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