Bold and Expressive from Martin Evans

Bold and Expressive from Martin Evans. Carlisle based artist Martin Evans has never been one to spend a long time dwelling over a few brush marks. 

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His bold landscapes and paintings are all about exploring the use of paint and colour to capture the atmosphere of a place and time:  “I tend to work quite fast with bigger brushstrokes.  I’m not looking for detail, I’m looking for expression.”


Martin has a degree in graphic design and had various jobs before deciding to take his art seriously about four years ago.  It works well with his job at Tullie House which exposes him to new work and exhibitions.

“I’m self-taught,” said Martin.  “And I love the freedom of painting which has fewer constraints than graphic design.  There are rules in painting but once you know them, you can start to break them.  My favourite mediums include spray paint, acrylic, oil pastel and gouache.  I take a lot of influence from street art along with more traditional works like Turner and Van Gogh.   

I try to capture a contemporary impression and not an exact representation, it takes a while to find your own style and I feel I’m still learning.

I’ve always painted landscapes and we’re very lucky to live where we do because there are bags of inspiration to be found in Cumbria.  Normally, I work from a photograph but I’ve always seen and experienced something before I paint it and recently I’ve been exploring more of the city and painting local themes.”   

2020 has been a year of firsts for Martin who created his first pieces of street art on Devonshire Street in Carlisle.  Many of you will have seen the five-metre representation of Aira Force that brings some colour to a side alley beside the ArtWorks bar.  His work – Eden Bridge 10 pm – was selected for the prestigious ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, which is one of the UK’s most important art exhibitions.

“I’m delighted my work was featured in the exhibition which was great exposure.  I’d never done street art before but thanks to Ben Heslop of Landmark Street Art, I had a chance to paint the waterfall.  It was so much fun to do, I really enjoyed that.”

See more of Martin’s work on his website or find him on Facebook  @martinevansart or on Instagram.


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