Beep Doctors – Saving lives at the Scene!

Beep Doctors – Saving lives at the Scene!

Not all heroes wear capes, some provide life-saving critical care to those in need!

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Beep Doctors is a registered charity set up 27 years ago by Dr Theo Weston who has since been offering immediate emergency medical attention to people involved in accidents across Cumbria.

Currently, there are 13 volunteer Doctors across Cumbria who are all on call to attend emergency scenes and incidents alongside paramedics and all in between their day jobs.

The importance of this service is that those involved are all medical Doctors who can perform procedures and administer certain drugs that paramedics are not allowed to.

Dr Theo Weston said: “As Doctors, we don’t have as many restrictions as paramedics. This means that we can perform surgeries, administer certain drugs and begin pre-hospital care that the patient would otherwise have to wait until they arrived at the hospital to receive. Being in rural Cumbria means getting to the nearest trauma unit can take hours.

The ability to perform procedures there at the roadside means we can give the patient the best chance of not only survival but reduce the risks of further damage. An example is if we arrive at a scene where a patient has an extreme head injury, we as Doctors can put them in an induced coma quickly which can reduce their risk of brain damage.”

Everything these doctors do is voluntary, they get no subsidies, grants or wages for the work they do. All of the money donated goes directly into equipment, drugs and medical kit.

Dr Theo Weston has dedicated 27 years of his life to the Beeb Doctors charity as well as working as a GP and an air ambulance doctor, often having to leave his family at the drop of a hat to go and help others.

He said: “We are passionate about helping people and saving lives, I’m lucky that my wife and children have always been supportive and understanding – we do sacrifice a lot but it’s worth it in the end.”

They now cover the whole of Cumbria and are called out by the emergency services if their presence is thought to be necessary. The Beep Doctors attend on average 300 to 400 incidents every year.

These services are vital and really do save lives. The Beep Doctors sacrifice so much of what little free time they have to provide this care. The organisation is always looking for volunteers to either help out at events, manning stalls or get involved with fundraising.

Every person involved in the organisation and those that donate all contribute to the amazing work that these Doctors do.

It could be you or a family member who needs them one day so we are asking that you support them today with a small donation.

You can donate via their website at

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