Carlisle Man’s Badge of Honour

A Carlisle man has designed an exclusive football badge to commemorate the Fallen this Remembrance Day.

One hundred of the Carlisle United badges, which feature the club’s crest surrounded by the words “Lest we forget” and “We will remember”, sold out in just 27 hours. The badges have proved so popular that the man behind them, Scott Charter, had to order another hundred, after being inundated with interest on Facebook.

Scott said: “Carlisle United has a big fanbase in and around the city and there’s a lot of military people who live or have lived in Carlisle as well. I just thought I would combine them both together.”

Having always loved football and collected badges from every ground he visited, Scott has been designing his own hooligan badges for the past three years and selling them on Facebook to friends and fans.

He explained: “They’re very popular. A lot of people still want them and there’s a lot of fans out there who collect them. I think people connect the badges to the early days, in the 80s, when you used to wear them.”

And his customer base is not just in Carlisle. He has sent badges to the Isle of Man, Glasgow and Cardiff.

He added: “I only usually make 100 of each design because I want to keep them exclusive.”

Scott expects that the second batch of badges will also sell out quickly. However, he plans to keep one back and put it up for auction once they’ve gone, giving all the proceeds to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

He said: “I don’t know how much I’ll get for it, I’ll maybe just be cheeky and start the bidding at £20.”


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