Leading Archaeologist To Discuss Hadrian’s Wall

Bookends is very pleased to announce that leading archaeologist David Breeze will discuss his new book Hadrian’s Wall: The Paintings of the Richardson Family in Carlisle. 

The event will take place at Cakes and Ale café on Friday October 28 at 7.30pm.

Brothers Henry, Charles and Thomas Richardson painted nearly 80 views of Hadrian’s Wall between 1838 and the 1880s. The majority were created by Henry Burdon Richardson, who accompanied author John Collingwood Bruce on his tour of Hadrian’s Wall in 1848.

Only 17 were reproduced as engravings in Bruce’s books and very few have ever been published as paintings. They form a valuable record of the Roman frontier as it was during an important stage in its history, before the advent of the modern world. At this time new theories and interpretations were coming to light and John Clayton, town clerk of Newcastle upon Tyne, had begun buying land along the Wall, aiming to preserve the remains, creating in effect an archaeological park.

Within the book, David Breeze explores the production of the Richardson paintings, Bruce’s contribution to Wall studies and the achievement of John Clayton in conserving the Wall. In addition, over 70 of the Richardsons’ paintings are included, most with Bruce’s original description and a commentary by the author.

David Breeze OBE is an internationally recognised British archaeologist and a leading authority on Hadrian’s Wall. He was formerly Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland and is the author of books on Hadrian’s Wall, the Antonine Wall, Roman frontiers and the Roman army.

Since gaining a PHD from Durham University in 1970 he has proceeded to be named an Honorary Professor at the Universities of Edinburgh, Newcastle and Stirling, and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow. He was awarded the Current Archaeology’s Archaeologist of the Year award in 2009 and the European Archaeological Heritage Prize in 2010. He was also the chairman of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society from 2011–14 and has been the chairman of the Senhouse Museum Trust in Maryport since 2013.

Please contact Lucy Matthews from Bookends on 01228 529067,  bookscumbria@aol.com  for more information about the evening.

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