Wild About West Cumbria – Jackdaws

A magnificent bird that is somewhat misunderstood, Danielle Murphy gets familiar with the Jackdaw.

Jackdaws are the smallest member of the corvid or crow family, which also includes raven, carrion crow and jay. Similar to other Corvids these beautiful birds is extremely adaptable, living in farmland woodland or even the urban cities.

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They are known for being witty, sly and watchful and this is down to their enormous intelligence. They have been known to use tools, hack their way into bird feeders and unusually enough they even have the ability to recognize and remember human faces. In the past they have been known to be trained to even steal cash from cash machines.

As well as their mastermind brains, these birds also have a soft spot for their mates. They form strong bonds and are renowned for their loyalty to their mate; even pairs that haven’t bred successfully have been known to stay together.

Jackdaws are not seasonal birds as they can be seen in abundance all year round. However they do have a slightly creepy aura surrounding them. The call of a crow is probably Hollywood’s favorite introduction to a scary scene, and let’s be honest when you are out walking alone and you hear the call of a crow, you pick up the pace a little bit.

However, despite them having slightly spooky connotations these animals are amazing. Some say they are only second to parrots when it comes to intelligence. So, next time you are walking through the woods and you hear the jackdaw call, don’t be afraid, enjoy the moment because he’s probably going to remember you.

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