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Music lovers in Carlisle have vinylly found what they have been looking for.

The newly opened Vinyl Café in Carlisle is an independent record shop and café.

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Situated in the city’s beautiful historic quarter they have both new and used vinyl music to suit everybody’s tastes.

Owner of the Café, James Brown said: “We are a record shop and small café; we have an eclectic mix of vinyl. There is no specific genre here it is a bit of a mix and a melting pot of music.”

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The  Café offers those browsing their collection the added bonus of being able to test play used vinyl before they purchase it.

James added: “Music on vinyl gives the listener a more tangible experience bringing them closer to what the artist originally intended for their sound. This sometimes gets lost in the transition from studio to mastering to release in other listening formats.”

The Abbey Street shop also houses an interesting café serving a delicious blend of refreshments to relax and slow down in a refreshingly different musical environment.

“It’s a place that people can browse, listen to music, relax and chill out in an unhurried environment”.

Vinyl Cafe – 44 Abbey St, Carlisle CA3 8TX – : 01228 522845

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm


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