The Romans return to the wall!

The Romans return to the wall!

When was the last time you visited Lanercost Priory?

If you haven’t been for a while then the next time you visit you’re in for a really pleasant surprise.

I’m not referring to the stunning Priory itself, that’s always a pleasure. I am referring to the new café, new gift shop, new roastery, and not forgetting the new pizzeria which is opening soon.

There have been many changes over the last year and new owner Stefano has put his heart and soul into all of these projects. It’s been fantastic to watch as all the pieces come together ensuring your next visit will be a memorable one.

Café Lanercost is a beautiful venue, inside and out, it’s light, bright and airy, making it the ideal place to kick back and relax as you tuck into one of the many homemade dishes or cakes on offer or enjoy their very own in-house roasted coffee.

The gallery room offers a more chilled vibe with deep comfy couches and walls adorned with work from local artists. Every month there is a featured artist of the month meaning each time you visit it has a whole new look. They also offer a warm welcome for your four-legged friends.

Outside on the patio area, there is seating for up to 40 people and as the sun shines it is the perfect place to rest, eat and relax as you take in the beautiful surrounding views and countryside.

Throughout the autumn and winter months, Café Lanercost is open every day from 9:30 till 4:00 PM and from 9:30 till 4:30 during the summer months. This will extend into the early evening once the pizzeria is fully open.

Love coffee?

If the answer is yes then you’re in for a real treat.

Here at the roasting room you can see, hear and smell the coffee as it is roasted inside this beautiful building which houses both the roastery and the pizzeria. Prepare to have your senses blown away as the aroma of freshly ground coffee and stone-baked pizzas come together and linger in the air, it is amazing.

Stefano said “The roasting room is a fantastic addition to our complex. Not only do we roast, blend and create our own branded coffee CafeGusto for our café, but we also look to create bespoke blends just how you like it. You can have your coffee blended and roasted to your specification and tastes, then walk away with your very own grind or beans.

Love pizza?

Another slice of operation Lanercost is the opening of Lanercost pizza

You will be able to enjoy handmade freshly prepared stone-baked pizza In house or take away

Stefano said “We have created our own purpose-built open kitchen where our guests can watch their pizza being prepared and cooked in front of them, whether it be to eat in or take out.

‘Prepared by Us – Cooked by You’ 

We also serve pre-made Pizzas for those who want an authentic, fresh, Italian pizza of their choice but at a time that suits them.

So come along, take a pre-made pizza away with you and cook it when you want at a time that suits. We lightly cook the base beforehand then it’s ready to fire up and cook when you get home. 

These are popular for parties and occasions, if you are having a party for a few dozen or more, then just pre-order the day before and we will have everything ready to pick up the next day.

For those that want to build and create their own pizza – kids will love this – we also offer freshly prepared Pizza Bases with a rich, tomato base using our secret Italian sauce. 

You simply add your toppings and build your pizza at home – these are popular with ooni-oven owners at the moment” said Stefano.

Lanercost gifts

This is a little gem and worth the trip alone. All aspects of Venue Lanercost, the Café, the gift shop, the roastery and Lanercost pizza have their own allure, but the gift shop is a space of global individuality where worlds harmoniously collide. 

Stefano says “The gift shop is an ever-changing space and is run seamlessly by Ally, our manager. She has a real passion for style for fashion and accessories ensuring there is a constant change of stock. She brings new designers to the shop regularly and there is always a theme purposely running throughout the shop itself. 

We stock unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else, from designers across the world, ensuring that you enjoy a different experience every time you visit.”

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Manager Ali said “It’s more than a gift shop, we bring other parts of the world into the heart of the Cumbrian Countryside. Local people love what we do here as we change our lines all of the time and make each experience a unique experience whether they are shopping for clothing or accessories.

We care about the story of our items whether that be ethical, fair trade, organic or sustainable. But I mainly buy from small family businesses and there is always a story behind our brands

I research as much as I can and spend hours at home reading and looking and searching for that item that would sit well with our ever-expanding ranges. Mainly I scroll through global small business sites and local sites as well. We have the world under one roof from Holland to Kathmandu and Barcelona to Brampton and everywhere in between.

We’ve all lost so many shops locally so we’re trying to look after everybody, it’s important to us here at Lanercost, our focus is global and local and we want to give something back to our communities

This November we will be holding our first Christmas extravaganza which will include meeting the suppliers, a fashion show, raffle prizes and gift ideas.”

This is a ticketed event with limited availability So please call Allison at Cafe Lanercost to book your tickets.

Stefano’s story…

“Taking on a closed business post-COVID was always going to be a risk, however, having seen the location and the beautiful surroundings not forgetting our very own Priory! I decided it was too good an opportunity to turn down.

Over the past year, we have invested heavily in upgrades and development in order to create a warm and welcoming environment. Additions such as Lanercost pizza, the roasting room and the development of the gift shop which is probably better described as a boutique.

I am a firm believer that success in this industry is based on providing a clean environment, and a quality product, with a service to match.

The staff have greatly helped shape our business and have made it possible for us to grow and expand at the rate we have. With their excellent attitude towards customer service, a big thank you goes out to all our front-of-house staff led by our demure yet formidable manager Angela. And our kitchen team with head-chef Robert, assisted by our Baker, Aneta and starter-chef Rebecca. I have been very lucky to assemble such a great team, especially in the present climate.”

What inspired you to launch The Roasting Room and where does the passion for coffee come from?

“With my Italian heritage and 35 years in the catering industry coffee has always been a big part of my home life and work life. Having had many disappointing coffees over the years I began studying the coffee roasting process and decided the best way to create the blends that I wanted was to do it myself. This also fits in with the long-term goal of having everything made in-house.

With a lot of little help from the experts and a lot of studying I took the plunge and imported our stunning coffee roaster from Turkey. Coffee roasting is a time-consuming and precise science but very satisfying when it works. In the future, we aim to bring coffee aficionados together and run coffee roasting sessions where we will discuss the origins of the raw beans, the blending process, the roasting process, and ultimately send you home with a bag of your very own personalised coffee.”

Lanercost pizza looks set to be a huge success, why pizza?

“The simple answer is who doesn’t like pizza! A slightly longer answer is that I have been making pizzas for 35 years and still enjoy the hands-on traditional process of turning simple ingredients into something delicious plus it is another great addition to Venue Lanercost.

Overall it has been a great journey and experience here at Lanercost. It has taken a while to get to where we are and we still have a long way to go but you know what they say – Rome wasn’t built in a day”

So head to Cafe Lanercost and have a wander around. It’s a beautiful place and what Stefano and his team have done is very ambitious, inspirational and very uplifting.

It’s nice to see the Romans back on the Wall doing what they do best, building and adding to the areas they occupy!

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