To Single Malt or Not Single Malt, That is the Question!


By Gerard Richardson MBE

It’s that time of the year when we look for something to warm our cockles and nothing does that quite like a wee dram does it. However, the burning question these days, with whisky being made the world over, is what to try next?

Personally I love an old Bourbon with it’s burnt sugar and roasted wood finish but some of the new whiskies from Sweden, Holland and South Africa are well worth giving up a glass to with their new take on vanilla and fruits. Ultimately for me though, it’s got to be a single malt scotch and as old as your wallet will allow. There’s still no country in the world that can come close to matching the complexities of flavours that you can find in a speyside single malt aged 15 years or more but beware because there’s a load of rubbish out there masquerading as the good stuff.

Check tasting notes on the web and invest carefully or you will end up with expensively packaged barbecue fuel.

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