Arguer – New Music

Arguer – New Music

By Amy Wright – Be-uniques Music PR –

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ARGUER: The up-coming fresh noise in alternative/punk-rock that you need to know about! 

Local lads Adam and Shane from Carlisle/Workington have created addictive and catchy sounds that has already caught the attention of BBC Music Introducing Cumbria and their debut single ‘Queen’ has been included on the #PunkFriday Playlist on Spotify. 

In a recent interview with Shane, we dug a little deeper into the music of ARGUER and the meanings behind the new songs on the EP. 

Amy: “How long have you guys known each other and how did your music journey together start?”

Shane: “Adam and I met way back when our old bands played a show together. Must be over 10 years ago now. We ended up sharing stages many times after that and just struck up a bond. We did a few things together and always talked about writing music. In 2020, we found ourselves with some free time and I had recently written ‘Queen’. I remember showing Adam on an acoustic guitar and we scheduled a jam not long after”. 

Amy: “A big congratulations on the release of your debut EP ‘DISTANT’.   Where did the influence and motivation come from for this record?” 

Shane: “DISTANT is the first four songs we wrote. It’s a mix of everything we’re into. Heavy parts, light moments, odd timings, and big hooks. It’s an eclectic mix but a cohesive one I think”. 

Amy: “I do have a personal favourite from the EP, which is ‘Sequins’. I find the lyrics quite mesmerising, especially when it comes to the lines ‘I wish that I could feel something consistent maybe just hold on to a single feeling or say something I can take to my grave’. Can you explain the meaning behind this song?” 

Shane: “Sequins is about the frustrations of living with yourself, feeling like you can be a different person every day. The chorus, it’s about wishing that you could be the best version of yourself. The happiest, most honest and content”. 

Amy: “I have no doubt that you guys will be playing a lot of live gigs within Cumbria (hopefully some this year) and big festivals next year! What bookings have got so far?” 

Shane: “ARGUER was supposed to be a studio project. I had no ambitions to play live. As it is, we have a show next year at the Booze Cruise in Bristol.       I’m happy to go to new places and meet new people. That’s the best part of playing live in my eyes. If people are excited to hear these songs live, I’m keen to do it. 

Amy: “Yous have said that you’ll be recruiting for an additional guitarist and bassist for your live performances. When are you guys hoping to get that process started?” 

Shane: “We’re currently working with a bass player and have a few people in mind to fill the guitarist roles”. 

‘DISTANT’ is available to download & stream online now! 

Spotify Link: 

Social Media Links: 

Facebook: ‘ARGUER’ 

Instagram: ‘Arguerband’

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