Saddleworth Cheese Company Comes to Supermarkets Near You

From the Weatherfield cobbles, to the Saddleworth Cheese Company, Sean Wilson has come a long way and now cheese lovers can pick up his products in their local supermarket.

It’s a long time since Gail’s hapless husband Martin Platt, waved farewell to Weatherfield and challenged himself to become an artisan cheesemaker. Driven by his fascination with turning raw ingredients into fine food, Sean Wilson set up the Saddleworth Cheese Company in 2009, to produce handmade cheese and take it around the country.

Since then Sean has carved a name for himself as an exceptional cheesemaker, touring the UK attending farmers markets, giving cooking demonstrations and supplying farm shops and restaurants. He is a familiar face in west Cumbria, a regular trader at local food fairs and the Whitehaven Festival and as a result, The Saddleworth Cheese Company has found a fair few fans in the region.

Now the company is making the first move into the world of mass sales, after securing a deal with national supermarket chain, Asda. Sean’s cheeses will now be available at Adsa delicatessen counters, in 180 stores around the UK. In times of economic uncertainty, post Brexit, this is good news for Sean and good news for the British cheese industry.

He explained: “Since Brexit, importing from outside of the UK has become more expensive, people are starting to see the benefits of buying British. Brexit is what it is, it will mean different things for everyone, however for the British cheesemaking trade it seems to be a positive.”

It seems the public are sticking by British Cheese, as Sean is currently in talks with other multiples. While he has had some dealings with the national supermarkets in the past, nothing in comparison to the interest they are showing now.

Sean said: “Coming from where I’ve come from you have got to prove yourself and show commitment. I’ve been in the business professionally for 8 years now, which is quite a nice length of time for things to start moving forward.”

He has been working on some new products as well. Smoked versions of the popular creamy Lancashire, ‘How’s Yer Father’ and the blue veined, ‘Smelly Ha’peth’ will be available soon. In the meantime, connoisseurs can find award-winning, artisan, Lancashire cheeses at their Asda deli counter.

Sean added: “I’m pleased that I am able to make the products accessible to the public.

“We’ve made lots of friends in Whitehaven over the years, who I’m sure will be happy that they can now go out and buy some in the supermarket.”

Find The Saddleworth Cheese Company in Asda Workington Superstore, Dunmail Park, Workington, CA14 1NQ and Asda Carlisle Superstore, Chandler Way, Carlisle CA3 0JQ

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