Tourism businesses across Cumbria are playing a major part in helping Ukrainian families fleeing the war by providing jobs and security. 

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TygTickets, is one such company that has stepped up to lend a hand – the ticket software company which serves many tourist attractions has welcomed Mila Udod, who is now providing customer support after making her home in Cumbria after leaving Ukraine. 

Maureen Huck, Operations Manager at TygTickets said: “Mila has fitted seamlessly into the team, although we are all aware of the difficulties her family have faced at home. She is a huge asset to the business and popular with our customers.” 

Mila, 29, left her home in Bucha over six months ago with her husband, their 10-year-old son and Rockey (the cat). They found themselves in Cumbria, thanks to the generosity of an amazing host family. 

She said: “I had a few jobs in Ukraine including working as an English teacher and working for an American company on transportation and logistics, so it was easier for me as I spoke the language.  

My husband found things more difficult, but he is learning English and has also found work on a farm, and we are happy we have an opportunity to live a safe life here. Cumbria is a beautiful part of the UK, and we like to walk on the beach and next to the lakes, people are so lovely and kind here. 

I worked for a flight ticketing company at one time in Ukraine, so I knew a little about ticketing. It is a friendly, small office and it is satisfying to help customers when they have a query about the way the system works. 

Our family members and most of our friends are still in Ukraine, and things are not good there at all. The children don’t have the opportunity to go to schools and universities, because of the everyday rockets flying over their heads. At the moment people don’t have electricity most of the day, which also affects heating. They have difficulty with water supplies and many people have lost their jobs since the beginning of the war. 

We made the right decision to leave, since now our son has an opportunity to continue learning at school and at the boxing club and to be amongst his peers. Our family feels safe here, thanks to the huge support of the United Kingdom and the kindness of the British people, especially those here in Cumbria” 

Maureen Huck said: “We encourage other hospitality and tourism businesses to do what they can for Ukrainian people, people who just want to have a safe life here until peace returns to their homeland once again.”

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Lake District Coast Aquarium
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