Dust ‘N’ Bones Creations – Turning Trash into Treasure!

Dust ‘N’ Bones Creations – Turning Trash into Treasure!

The ability to take an ordinary, derelict everyday item and transform it into something awesome and eye catching is a skill not many possess.

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Alan Rogan from Dust N Bones Creations does just that, turning what may otherwise be thrown away into something to be cherished.

“I tried turning some other junk into something else and it just snowballed.”

Alan is not a trained joiner, and by his own account was never very savvy when it came to DIY, but give him an old wine bottle and a couple of planks of wood and he can create something beautiful! He said: “I started by making cigar box guitars as a bit of a hobby, then I tried turning some other junk into something else and it just snowballed.”

Just before the pandemic he found he had a knack for garden bars but just as they were becoming popular and he was doing well the Corona virus and family commitments put a hold on his sales. Now as things are getting back to normal, Alan is able to get crafting again and has moved into a much bigger premises.

The unit is located on Sneckyeat industrial estate where Alan has more time and freedom to design and create his wacky and wonderful wares. Most of what he makes is made to order, he said: “I love it when someone comes to me with an idea, no matter how weird or out there it is, it’s part of the fun. I work closely with customers to make sure what i’m doing is as personal to them as they want it to be.”

He’s created guitars made from anything from a bowling pin to a smoking pipe, a bespoke Thai Boxing punch bag, clocks, mini bars for vans and loads more, nothing is off limits. He has also recently been etching images onto slate slices using a lazer, they make the perfect alternative to a photo in a frame and look fantastic!

If you are looking to implement something totally unique into your home or garden this summer or searching for a one of a kind gift for someone special then get in touch with Alan. He is open to any ideas you might have and welcomes a challenge!

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