Taming Your Mane – Fact or Fiction?

Taming your mane – Fact or fiction? – For many of us, our hair is an integral part of who we are. Your hair can make a statement, it can give you confidence and just generally make you feel good.

So it is therefore important for us to take care of it, but with so much conflicting information, what is true and what are just old wives tales passed down through time. Here are some of the most common hair myths.

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1 – Regular trimming will help your hair grow faster

Although regular trimming can keep your hair in better condition by reducing split ends and therefore keeping the integrity of individual strands, unfortunately it has nothing to do with growth. Your hair grows from the root and as good as regular visits to the hairdressers are, don’t expect to be sitting on your locks. The key to healthy hair is good scalp and follicle care and a nutritious diet.

2 – Air drying your hair is better than heat drying

If you were asked, what’s the best way to dry your hair? You might answer, leaving it to air dry, no pesky hair dryers and you would be wrong. A recent study has found that air drying actually causes more damage. When hair becomes wet it swells, and the longer its left in this swollen state, the more the proteins that make up your hair strands begin to deteriorate and breakdown, leaving your hair vulnerable and under stress. The best way to dry your hair is to let it part air dry and then use a hairdryer at a distance on a cool setting, continuously moving through your locks. This removes the damaging water quickly, without applying heat directly to the hair.

3 – Plucking grey hairs will make more grow back in their place

Have you ever found a naughty little grey hair hiding in your otherwise youthful mane? Were you told ‘if you pluck it you’ll get two more’? Well don’t worry, pluck away.

This is definitely a myth, people of all ages can get stray grey hairs, they are usually nothing to worry about and may not come back, your hair colour is determined by a pigment called melanin and occasionally some of our hair strands grow without this pigment.

Here are some tips to help you keep that fabulous mane healthy.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Avoid regular heat application, i.e Straighteners
  • Leave a break between hair washes
  • Less is more when it comes to products like serums and balms
  • Don’t vigorously towel dry.
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